I would like to make a 2d game using plain Javascript this coming weekend. What do you suggest?

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    Html and css
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    to google and read about game mechanics, and mathematics for games.
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    Tic tac toe?
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    Make somethin like Facebook but better instead
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    Who told you about my Chinese Facebook 😮
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    @SortOfTested New Facebook?

    Mother fuck....jiiiann yaaaaaang
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    Why use plain js, and not a library like p5.js or three.js, which would be easier and have have a bunch of tutorials.
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    @MrNitrogen agreed, p5.js is a great one
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    One div = one pixel
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    @MrNitrogen obviously he needs two.js
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    Does WebGL count as "plain javascript" since its integrated into browsers and not an external library?

    If so, look into WebGL, which is just a wrapper for OpenGL accessible from a browser through javascript.

    It's the closest and most performant (as far as I know) way to drawing things on screen.

    Though if you don't want to struggle with a lot of boilerplate code look for an engine. I believe RayLib has a .js extension
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    make a game that has physics in it. like gravity and stuff
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