I just gave a 20 minute presentation in front of fifty people, and apparently did well enough that I got five private compliments afterwards, including one from the vice president. 🥳

And all of that without a single drop of rum!

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    congrats 👌🏻🥳
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    Congrats on not dropping the rum!
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    Imagine the promotion a nice ballmer peak would have gotten you 😘
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    @SortOfTested I did have some limoncello right before. Maybe that’s why it went so well 🤔
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    Sound like your a straight shooter with upper management written all over her.
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    @N00bPancakes Screw that. I’ve been in management before; while I’m good at it, I don’t like it. I like code, not people. People are unreliable.
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    @Root Amen. I've seen way too many good folks promoted out of roles they are great at .... into non fitting roles.

    Being good at a thing is not the same as managing people / things related to it.
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    I envy you! Congratz.
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    Congratulations! Sounds extremely stressful. What was the presentation about, if you’re allowed to tell? I hope it’s a petition to burn the existing codebase you’re clearly suffering from...
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    50 is a lot
    I cap out at 20, 30 will make me dizzy , at 50 i pee my pants

    Good work!! 👍🏻
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    Virtual meeting room?
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    When I started reading this I was like oh another green dot junior dev story, but then I saw the word “rum” and immediately figured out the author
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    @donuts Yes. Entire engineering department, product team, sales, upper management, execs, ...
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    I bet it was standardly borring unless all the others consumed rum instead of root.
    & congats!
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