I started to learn programming to be liked by a girl and since then I periodically ask myself if this is really for me... And periodically, right as I start thinking it may not be for me, I find myself solving issues programming stuff, seeing parallelism between software development and anything and randomly toss out the classical: "you know, with and Arduino you could(...)" To people put of nowhere.

So yeah. Guess it's for me. I hate it but... Wait, I could automate my windows depending on the difference between internal and external temperature... Hmm... Later guys, got a project to deal with!

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    Impressing a girl with programming?
    No idea how you let that look attractive but if you did make it look attractive I tip my fucking hat to you
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    The hard part is the electromechanics to shut and open the window reliably. The rest is ez.
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    I could make a movie outta this๐Ÿ˜
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    Prolly something like Silicon valley
    Nerd tries to impress girl
    Everyone laughs at nerd
    Nerd succeeds
    Nerd gets the girl
    Boom everyone's happy
    Then throw some cool coding experiences of nerd
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    Holy shit, if girls in my country ever gave a fuck about computers here in Israel, I would be in a completely different place lmao.

    (NOTE: I am not saying that girls can’t code, it’s just that the interest in my country is statistically pretty low and it’s pretty sad)
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    @25thAndroid so the girl was a gold digger then? Only noticed / cared when he started making lots of money?
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    @25thAndroid will make a scifi fiction movie.

    Can't you read what he mentioned? "Nerd gets the girl"
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    @Ranchonyx she loves sci-fi and tech, we didn't end up together forever (we were/are incompatible on the matter of living together), but she is my best friend since then!

    @F1973 hey, technically it worked out irl as well :P
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    @piratefox did you score the hole?
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    @F1973 well, we have been together for more than a year, Soo...
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    @piratefox So the baseline assumption remains.
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    @F1973 it was a yes, I am used to play super vague for some reason sorry "^^
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    @piratefox Hahaha I got that. I was talking about the fact that longer you stay together, your chances of getting the v pass increases.
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    @MrCSharp nah, she was a CodeDigger..
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    @MrCSharp I never said money
    Nerd succeeds in *getting girl's attention*
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    @sladuled So instead of stealing your money, she steal your code.That is way worse :)
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    @mr-user she cannot steal your software... if the software is open source ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    Proof #4762 that open source software is an evil masterplan
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