„Keep 2m distance“...
Funny.. as if I would get that close to other humans..

Jokes aside, I feel uncomfortable if I’m less than 1.5m to another person and I avoid touching at all cost by nature.. Except for family but they are not in my country anyway. I think I’ll be fine..


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    The swiss have the reputation of beeing uptight, cold and keeping our distance. So at the beginning we were joking as our government officials as the explained to us how to be swiss.
    "Dude 2 meters distance? lol that's our way of life"
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    @heyheni and yet you reopened the night clubs 😅
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    @heyheni Used to live in Switzerland. Still have friends there that keep me up to date about how they don’t give a shit🤪
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    I am a very touchy person by habit unfortunately and I dislike that about myself. I am working on it. But same I dont like people standing too close to me
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    Sounds like some emotional defense mechanism.
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    Kinda the same but also followed by the feeling of being starved of affection.
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