Ok... Can someone explain me this?
Happen a few weeks ago.
My pc would crach on any 3D program or game.
Did some tests, was the graphic card.
Send it to repair (amd, Asus made)
Placed my old Nvidia, installed drivers all good.
My new card came, nothing repaired, nothing found, passed all stress tests.
Placed the card back ok, no OS.
Bios detects both ssds but don't start (windows 10.... Ya tryed Linux but doesn't work for my main past time in pc, Arma 3).
Loaded the USB with the windows instalation, used command line drive C is completely empty but has 160gb used.
Ended ip formating.
GC works perfectly.
So... Wtf happen?

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    According to the Internet, you're cursed. Sorry

    On a more serious note, I have not idea. I've never seen all those things happening together.
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    "Don't start windows"

    stop making sounds of a User and describe the problem properly. Errors? Timeouts? Messages? Smoke? Windows logo? A mouse cursor? Safe mode? Bootable-media-not-found? Bootloader?

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    Well, there was no OS.
    C: was clean, no files, but had 160gb of used space....
    My first idea is that the drive was encrypted and that's why I couldn't see the files...
    But I did a clean install when I bough the new graphic card, and nothing happen when I replaced with the Nvidia
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    @GyroGearloose that’s just how things go sometimes
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    Let me guess. You disconnected the SSD while having power supply connected ? Or connected while PC was running.

    Partition table got wiped. Thats it basically.

    OS would know it has some shit on it but it has no idea what it is and what to do with it. Could have been easily repaired in linux.

    You said no to linux because of Arma 3 ?

    What will you do when i tell you that i can run arma 3 on my linux install via steam on nearly windows FPS ?

    Yes like 2 fps drop from windows.

    And the video card shit. Well if they sent you new card and it worked then hardware. If its the same card then your drivers were fucked.

    Oh yes i also forgot to say. I ran arma 3 via the included driver in mesa. So fully open source ;) AMD of course. NOVIDEO is shit with open source drivers. Hate the open source community and dont provide them with shit and they will provide you with shit drivers.
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    Oh and if could mount the partitions if they were there and saw nothing in them then NTFS partition went FUCK YOU. Nothing unusual.
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    Well I took all the precitions while changing cards, even turned power off.
    Didn't know arma would even run in Linux :D
    But software I would need will prob not, like fusion, Solidworks,...
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    @GyroGearloose wine is your friend. Pretty sure you could get fusion or solidworks to work.
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    Well I actually couldn't get wine to work properly last time I went Linux. But that was a year ago :D
    Might go back, no real use now that I'm down and non productive
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    Honestly most of AMDs I ever touched or seen in IRL friend's PCs had some bizzare, allways driver-related issues.

    Like.. allways.
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