Anybody use LinkedIn? I have created my LinkedIn account probably 3-4 years ago. but since then, I probably have logged in there maximum 10-20 times :/
Not that the account is needed but still curious to know what people actually look for, in a LinkedIn profile, how to get recognized, etc etc. Care to share any tips? or anything helpful for a Noob-LinkedIn user?

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    Straight up, stay away.
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    @theuser Thant's what I've been doing since :D
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    I got a profile but I do not use it as such, but I do get quite a lot of offers through it.

    Not sure exactly what requiters are looking for.
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    @Xoka You can do a quick search for linkedin on devrant and see what the general opinion is.
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    Same as @Voxera, I've got an old account that I'm not using.

    I've never added anyone but accepted people because why not, and what I found so far is that the more connections you have, the more likely people will send you a message.
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    I just use it to confirm that it's useless to learn ten new frameworks and six technologies to get €100 more pay a month.
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    Just for job hunting when I need it for that.

    Occasional checking "What happened to that guy?", but that's rare.

    That's it. Nothing more.

    It's all spam for me from recruiters shotgunning contacts for jobs that aren't for me / they wouldn't hire me for anyway ...
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    I slate it like anything, but in fairness, I think it's very industry dependent.

    Most tech guys I know don't use it too much, or straight out hate it and don't have it. But for marketing, business etc. guys they seem to be on it 24/7. So hey, if you want to hang out with marketing guys and get hit with shovels of recruiter spam every day, go for it. If you find that stuff annoying and don't see a reason to use it, best to stay away.
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