So just recently my school blocked the following for unknown reasons websites
Amazons aws
stack exchange
The hacker news
The Debian package repositories yea all of em
And all domains that end in .io
Now some of you out there are probably just saying "well just use a vpn" the answer to that is I can't the only device I have a locked down school iPad can't install apps cannot delete apps cannot change vpn or proxy setting's I cannot use Safari private tab they have google safe search restricted to "on" they even have "safari restricted mode which lets safari choose what it wants to block" and even when I'm on my home wifi it's s still blocked as they use Cisco security connector THIS IS HELL

Also this is my first post :)

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    Time for a good ol fashioned mitm proxy attack.

    - buy an ethernet dongle for ipad and a short cable
    - Get the DNS configuration they're using (may need to packet squirrel it)
    - buy an atomic pi (~$30)
    - install pfsense on the atomic pi
    - connect the wifi on the pi to any wifi
    - set wifi as wan
    - configure pfsense to connect to vpn
    - set all connections to bridge through the vpn in pfsense
    - set a pfsense iprange passthrough to split tunnel to the school net for school resources (if needed)
    - disable wifi on the ipad
    - connect the ipad to your atomic pi middleman
    - enjoy your freerange internets
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    The motherfuckers blocked the SSH Port at my school.
    So much for doing some remote work..
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    And I agree with @SortOfTested
    Do it.
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    @SortOfTested I would have done that in a heart beat but 2 thing 1 my parents wont let me get a job till next summer so I am completely broke also :/
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    @Ranchonyx is only 22 blocked because you can set up ssh on any port personally I would set it up on port 443 or you could get setup a web based ssh client such as shelling ox that is accessible over the internet or do what I do use online IDE such as repl.it and open a bash project and just run. an ssh client on that
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    Start mowing lawns and asking around about odd jobs my dude. That's kid money 👍
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    School, the facility that is supposed to provide knowledge, is blocking access to knowledge. Nice 👌
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    I learned more from YouTube then I did from school. School was mostly a waste of time and all they do is try to control you. It’s fucking sad.
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    @uyouthe I was thinking the same think, what types of school are these people attending. Sounds more like some kinda of dictatorship prison style of school. Glad non of this are blocked at my school.
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    That's a weird choice of sites...
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    Just curious.. I mean... if you don’t mind... do you live in China....? 🙃
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    Try harder. Man-in-the-middle or, if you're a risk-taker, jailbreak the iPad.
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    > what types of school are these people attending.

    Ones I went to, we wasn't even allowed to touch the computers !

    Then in college, when we was allowed to touch them, programming was forbidden !

    Naturally I got caught, when someone snitched on me.

    Another time I got reported for reading a manual, as it caused the other student "fear and anxiety" that I might do something to hurt their computer.

    No, I was the person who went around and fixed things, because I'd read the manual !
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    @butwhytho right, let's just say they blocked all ports except for some weird ass telephone stuff
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    @skyrocker nope I live in the U.S
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    @SortOfTested that's what I thought I used to shovel driveways during the winter then some false rumors got spread by some neighbors so now my family is the "goody two shoe's " of the Neighborhood now all they say when I ask if I can shovel their driveway is "nope don't need it " Even tho there's like 2 feet of snow then the shut their door
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    If you are caught coding just say you're watching porn and you're safe
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    Update on the ssh situation.
    Did an NMAP.
    All ports up until 65000 are blocked.
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    That’s weird because my school blocked github, gitlab and bitbucket but they did not block stack overflow and stack exchange.
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    Strange things are happened
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    My college blocked a bunch of sites including github. After about a month of complaining, they had github blocked for every one except me.
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    @butwhytho which school?
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    @CuberDude i really don't want to say more than it's my high school in the north eastern united states as i don't like giving my personal information to strangers online :p
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