Got reminded of this job search bullshit they say after interviews, when they say you're not "fit for the culture" but they want you to be "challenging the status-quo".
Like, take a fucking pick. Either you want someone who follows and fits in, or you want someone who innovates and stands out. 😒

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    Could be worse. Roughly 1/3 of the interviews here are a room full of indiabros that won't even look up from their phones aside from the one that asks you to solve a problem and then doesn't even look at the answer or engage except to say he could have done it in fewer lines of code.

    I guess that's a little different though; they won't say no on culture fit, they'll just trash your skills in the declination. Either way, it's pretty awful sitting through an interview you know you won't get the job for and they're plainly just using you to check boxes.
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    I always suspect 'culture fit' is just a placeholder for personal biases and etc.

    I think if you asked any given employees at a rando company what the culture is they'd give different answers / have no clue what the 'culture' even is.
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    @SortOfTested flip the interview around - BE the one with the clipboard, CHECK the checkboxes yourself, HAVE that awkward face on like you just stepped into something. MAKE THEM feel that "oh, I guess we're shite then".
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    being hired is ultimately based on likability. the biggest impact in your life is going to be *others* decisions about you.
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    @Wisecrack well, tough shit because I am really not everyone's taste. Specially not the coward's and the dishonest's. So I tried a magic trick: made my self an expert, so they can't even find another one like me easily. Basically, reduced the competition. Now they have to.
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    @NoMad well now they can pull out their UNO card and tell you you're overqualified.
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    @theKarlisK well, fuck.
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