Swimwear was mandatory for using computers in 1982

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    I am a kind of pervert myself But I think pornhub is enough for me
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    Looks like proper ventilation in offices wasn't a thing back then
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    that thighs though
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    @sudocode Yeah, mainframes back then really chucked out a lot of heat 😉
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    (For those that aren't aware, this is satirical - it's from a rather famous advert for top of the line air conditioners designed for server rooms.)
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    @sudocode Yes those old mainframes surely are smoking. I also love the design of those monitors.
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    I still dress up like that.
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    That's kinda hot but it'd be hotter if the lady at the front kept her fingers on the home row...
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    I have no comment.

    What is this fever dream.

    Why am I attracted to this.
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    Makes sense. After all, they were

    Surfing the net.
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