How the fuck does these testers find these bugs
there are like
- go to this
- click on this
- type the first 57 digits of pi
- sacrifice your first born to the devil
-> there the table is misaligned by 13 pixels, fix that

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    By mistake like a user

    See @F1973 for more information
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    Don't ignite the tester in me.

    You are being warned.
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    @F1973 Like you could still find any bug! It's been too long, mate!
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    @Jilano I am still a tester at heart.

    I just moved from writing test cases to business cases.
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    I wish we had testers who found these weird ass bugs so end users wouldn't need to... at least the testers would more or less be able to tell us devs how to replicate the bugs so we'd have even a remote chance at being able to fix them
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    @F1973 I AM DEAD XD
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    @OmerFlame *dabs* 😎
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    @F1973 dabbing is banned, I am sorry.

    You have been exiled for:


    Just joking :P
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    @OmerFlame mommy come and take me..
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    @F1973 "Mammaaaaa... I killed a man..."
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    @F1973 Ha, it took you a minute and twenty seconds to find that one and post it :p
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    @Jilano I am ashamed of myself already. Don't make it worse.
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    @F1973 No worries, you just need to turn it around saying you "needed time to find the perfect image that suits best the situation".
    Makes the "accuser" feel bad because you actually took time to do something nice for someone and was rewarded with nothing but hate.
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    @Jilano Did you self woooosh or helped me counter an internet argument?
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    @F1973 Yes. Next question?
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    @Jilano Is @uyouthe worthy of noble prize?
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    @F1973 I don’t need awards
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    @F1973 Any other day I would have said "yes", but not today, no. Sorry
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    Ask for a demo. If they had to sacrifice their first-born they won't be able to reproduce the bug.
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    Also malicious parties. What if putting in more than 1000 characters would cause a race condition or a buffer overflow resulting in positive RCE (Remote Code Execution) conditions?
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    you could always write scripts to generate tests that are random walks of simulated user interaction.
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