On my desk, relics from a lost computing civilization.

I'm curious if anyone recognizes what these are.

I'll post what they are later today if nobody knows.

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    Some sort of SCSI termination block? Proper old world tech 😄
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    Not SCSI.

    But oh gawd let me rant about how SCSI always felt like a sort of weird stop gap tech that you always sort of had to dance around to use... and then it just sort of never died. Finally Fibre Channel came along.
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    @N00bPancakes Are these terminators for some kind of bus? Sorta look like PLC modules, but some are too short.
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    Looks like one of those illegal cardridges that made Japanese SNES games playable on a EU/USA machine.
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    @Demolishun So close, but the Jeopardy judges say you have to answer it exactly. But accurate guess as far as function goes.
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    @Inxentas good guess, it certainly existed during the NES era, but not for that purpose ;)
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    @N00bPancakes So terminators for 422/485 busses in communication systems? I remember seeing connectors like that on phone system communications.
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    are those DF0 terminators for Amigas?
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    Serial cable connectors.
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    I thought it might be v.35 connectors, but that is not right.
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    LOL, search on the damn part number!

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    Bingo ;)

    They're terminators, and even a loop back for Bus and Tag.


    Bus and Tag was early days cabling for IBM mainframes originally introduced in the 1960s. I still saw them in use well into the early 2000s connecting mainframes to large printers, tape libraries (although they were pretty quick to switch those to escon) and other misc items.
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    But why exactly are they on your table?
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