What usually you do on weekends? Mine learning new language

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    cool, meatspace language or cyberspace language?
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    One day playing board games. The other day doing little to nothing or playing video games.
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    Laying in bed and being sick.
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    Going outside, enjoying life.
    Just joking, laying in bed contemplating life decisions.
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    @heyheni We don't have much to work with, but I'd go with cyberspace considering OP's posts/history
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    Building my own on-premises universe
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    crying, sleeping, non-regular work
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    I like being dead on weekends
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    Writing, coding, playing video games, listening to podcasts, buying groceries, cooking, etc.
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    Sleep and long naps
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    Anything but coding. Except when I have to study some new tech, then I procrastinate as much as possible before studying for a couple of hours.
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    @rutee07 Very wholesome
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