A client is offering me just equity for their startup. I do like the idea and the research they've put behind it, but I'm also looking at a timeline of 3 months for just the MVP and almost 6 months to an year to get paid. Should I go for it?

I'm in a decent financial situation rn, so money isn't that big a thing and I'm pretty young, so that's on my side. But still, 6 months+ of my time without any renumeration is nothing to scoff at

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    Find out what their monetization strategy is and ask for their investor timeline. It's more like 3-5 years before that equity becomes anything.

    If the equity was worth something, they would just borrow against it to pay you.
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    Don't work for "free".
    Your expenses have to be covered in order that you're able to provide your service to your employeer. At least food, rent, taxes and transportation to work has to covered for you to break even.
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    Unless the CEO's name is Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos and that's a trillion dollar startup you're sitting on with a significant share % (I'm talking circa 33%) and you're living in your mother's basement with no financial commitments, ... then nope.

    But hey, could this be that next big thing?
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    Its good you like the idea.

    What are they looking at in terms of what they need to be profitable, investment, etc...

    Equity in 0 is still working for free.
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    I dunno the title of Most Valuable Player is kinda appealing.... /S
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    At this moment in time, it's prudent to be skeptical of any company with a sitting CEO named Steve jobs 😋
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    @SortOfTested Yeah if they had something of serious value... somehow some way they could find a way to hire a guy rather than give away the brass ring.

    Sounds like these guys are a long ways away from having something viable.
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    They don't want to foot the risk themselves, so they're essentially asking you to work for free, *unless* they happen to turn a profit in which case you might get paid in a few years.

    Hard no from me.
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    Thanks for your answers guys. I can't really answer back everyone individually, but I do understand your overall point. I think we're looking at sales kicking in as early as 2 months or so, that's without the product and then moving ahead get the clients on to the product. The renumeration, if at all, only happens by next year..

    Now even tho thd equity isn't worth shit I kinda believe in the guy selling the idea, bit that just might be me being naive..
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    If a Company's evaluation is at zero, that in line means the value of its equity is also zero. The contained risk is what you alone can decide to take, and the guildline for such scenario always is:
    "Go for it only if you believe in it's future", no one can decide that for you because at the end of the day you alone will eat the fish and enjoy it's savoury or get strangled by its bone.
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