I am a Windows person. I always argue how great it is.

Well, not today.

I was today years old when I learned that you CANNOT uninstall store app via store ;p You need to go to settings / apps and functionality / your app / uninstall

The photo app (Yes the one bundled with win10) doesn't work if you use Hard drive compression AND it is a symlink for OneDrive (So you don't need to keep all photos on the drive). Fucking Paint works without problems.

Email client : If you alt+tab too fast after hitting 'Send email", there is 50% chances that email won't be send. Basiclly you need to hit "send" and wait until you see it in "sent" folder.

Well, as i'm ranting, here for Linux too :
I have a small ubuntu server VM, worked very well for last 6 months. Now "System in read only mode". Fucking apt-get upgrade fucked with something. I don't want to look, so I'll just rebuild a fresh vm.

And macOS should take sometyhing too : Who the fuck decided "enter" is for editing the name of file ?! really !

Well, ALL os are shit, all have downsides, I need my own OS. But I still want AA games... So windows for me.

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    How about TempleOS?
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    Ubuntu sucks, look for a proper distro :)
    Other than that, all of these are valid issues.
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    @kescherRant seal of approval confirmed!

    AA is okay, I like AAA better. Holds less power than AA, but AAA seems to be better games. ;-)
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    @kescherRant I need Ms SQL server. Not avalible on a lot of distros. (And no, I cannot switch)
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    @alexbrooklyn too much work for setting up ;p

    I like apt-get instal mssql

    and BTW I found linux version is working better than Windows version for MS SQL, like ohh the irony
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    @NoToJavaScript I had to get it working under Linux too... it didn't work out.
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    Ubuntu is cancerous piece of shit that breaks if you sneeze too fucking hard. Heck Gentoo is more fucking stable in some situations. Try Fedora.
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    @theKarlisK what distro ? I can help with Ubuntu lol
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    @Haxk20 Does Fedore still have BS limitation to only include open source, even if licences are free ?

    Last time I tried it, I could not play an mp3 file because "this feature is not included" or whatever message they did.
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    @NoToJavaScript I don't think so. Fedora is now basically it all works from the box.
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    SQL server for Linux is now a 5 minute docker exercise 😋
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    You are 2-5 minutes away from an again-writeable filesystem :)

    fsck that fs. If it's root -- reboot and you'll be prolly prompted for an fsck.

    You probably just lost a track of a couple of inodes, no biggie. Happens ;)

    P.S. if it's you root fs, a simple remount might do the trick: sudo mount / -o remount,rw
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    Unfortunately I think the problem is with Hyper V. The physical disk gets disconnected. And as VM is super light (4GB ram on 16GB ram PC, 35GB disk on 256GB SSD,2cores) I think windows server disconnects the drive, the HyperV panics, then VM panics.
    Reboot does nothing. The machine is booting just fine and I can even use it for 10 to 20 minutes, after that : nothing works. If I reboot again, I have 10 to 20 mins more lol.
    It’s probably HyperV fault here.
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    @NoToJavaScript I'm curious.. would you happen to have dmesg output after the filesystem turns read-only? Or /var/log/kern.log ?

    Pure curiosity
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    @Haxk20 Legit, Fedora 32 is a really good and all around stable distro. And the package manager actually has some hood functionality. I will not forget Ubuntu as it was my first linux distro, but after going through docen distros over the years I have found Arch and Fedora to be the two I like the most.

    BSD distros are pretty legit too. But I have never used them for work stuff.
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    I am a windows person too until it is time to set up most of the tools that I need that would normally work with no hassle on unix like systems.

    Rails on windows is a thing of nightmares for example
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    @kescherRant which distro do you recommend? You could say I'm a linux newbie (started using it at the start of this year) so I went with Ubuntu. I tried installing Manjaro but that's still too advanced for me. Is there any other distro better than Ubuntu that's as easy to setup? Maybe Mint?
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    I installed Manjaro on both raspberry pi and a laptop, liked it a lot. What problems are you having? The Arch linux family use different syntax for package management so that does take some getting use to, but otherwise it's very no-nonsense nice looking environment.
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    @neeno To be honest, Manjaro would be the first thing that comes to mind for me when it comes to beginner distros. However, I can no longer recommend it because of its project leader throwing narcissistic tantrums and removing the treasurer for the donations...

    In fact, I have no idea which distro I would recommend for a beginner now.
    Definitely not Arch, however. lmao
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    @NoToJavaScript @SortOfTested I tried running Express version on top of CentOS7 only to run into licencing issues because it wasn't RHEL (even tho I was installing the CentOS version). Switched over to Ubuntu and it worked fine, got to import the data and thought I was done until I realized the application that connects to the DB expects the instance id (looks like the req is hard-coded in this old app that no one knows anything about because they don't work here anymore), which Linux version doesn't have. Removing the instance id in the config bricks the app.
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    @ckfy I don't remember what problems I had at the time, probably something related to nvidia drivers. I might try installing Manjaro again next time I need to format my system, or maybe I could make a small partition and take a stab at it again... But I think I'm way too lazy for that, we'll see.

    @kescherRant lol. No way I'm trying out Arch, I'm just straight up scared of it XD. One day I'll get there, but now's not the time.
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    @netikras Here is the output :)
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    @netikras you are right actually ! Now I just need to run it in rescue mode, i'll try this weekend !
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    @NoToJavaScript happy hunting! :)

    Also.. I'm still wondering whether you meant the "super light" part or was it just sarcasm...

    > And as VM is super light (4GB ram on 16GB ram PC, 35GB disk on 256GB SSD,2cores)

    I wouldn't call it super light. It rather a normal setup, maybe even a bit luxurious with 4G RAM.
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    @NoToJavaScript Rescue mode is easy -- keep hitting SHIFT in the console before the OS logo appears in order to get the GRUB menu. And you'll probably see the rescue mode right there. Hit it and get into that shell.

    fsck -y /dev/sda
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    @netikras Well, you cannot even start mssql without 3.5 GB ram. So 4GB is juste to be sure 😊
    And it is the only VM on this host, so basically, I am calling it light :)

    And this setup is faster than our 400$/month (Production) Azure SQL database lol
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    I actually like the enter-to-rename in macOS, once I got used to it it's something I miss in other OSs. You can use cmd+down to open files in Finder without having to move off the keyboard (cmd+up goes up a level, cmd+down goes down a level)
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