## Scripting myself out of the company

who needs an expensive profiler, when you can make thread dumps and compile them into a flamegraph for free without any risk of outages!

Though what bothers me is that I'm yet to come across a person in this company who knows how to read them (besides me)...

Are flamegraphs really THAT unpopular?

I mean.. you can represent the whole profile in a single image!

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    Btw, I use Arch.
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    I'm a graphic designer with a knack for creating beautiful easy to understand graphs.

    What the fuck is this alien shit? 😄
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    never heard
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    okay, comments here so far make me upset and somewhat disappointed :/

    @heyheni ooooh boi did I LOL to that :D
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    @heyheni it's all the stack traces aggregated in the same image. The wider the cell (with a method/fn name), the longer time it consumed. Branches above a particular cell represent other methods THAT method called (and their durations). On mouse-over you can see invocations' count, time spent in-method (numeric value). Image can be made searchable, i.e. with a search input field, to find particular methods/classes/functions quicker. Clicking on either of the cells (methods/functions) zooms on that branch.

    I mean... It's the whole fucking profiler snapshot in a single fucking svg!
    How come don't people know that yet!?!?

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    Of course flame graphs are super useful and widely used in good teams.

    I do love it but it's a question of taste and habits.
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    I guess it's super useful. But it'll need so much explaining that adoption in a team will be super hard.
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    @heyheni it’s standard devtools knowledge and doesn’t require fancy pants setup :(
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    They're useful sometimes. definitely used them on occasion when I need to justify removing jQuery from an application. Powering them from query able datasets (where stack depth > x/lifetime greater than y average duration) is also good to reduce it to the things that are above average.
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