There are many issues with designers. Let's skip hamburger fuckups, navigations on bottom or other stuff. What pisses me of most are tables. Simple tables. As many times as i remember i told them: plaease, design this table with full borders around cells. Your design will make problems with rowspans a cellspans. Why you keep doing that? This is not like tables list in your fucking IS, where you tracking your shitty designers tasks.

How to talk with them? Blow their dicks off before discussion so they feel happy?

But you know, i'm just coder... I have no main word on design things.

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    You find that table unclear?
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    @ScriptCoded Image when i use rowspan or colspan on this table.
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    Sorry I think the problem is yours. Designers shouldn't' be limited to the technology that you decided to use.
    If you have problems with colspans and rowspans, just don't use tables! Use flexbox or grids instead
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    @crisz This is actualy the worst answer somebody give me ever. For table data i will always use tables. And i expecting designers to design usable tables where joining cells is not a problem especialy in this kind of tables.
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    But why do you need row- or colspan here?
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    @Bennerant It's a user edited content. Wordpress to be accurate. So klient can do whatever he wants. Joining cells are normal thing to do in tables.
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    In case others are confused, this is a browser dependent quirk where you end up with unexpected results even if the table in the pic has 2 columns but no borders. The workaround is to use 3px solid transparent borders.

    It's so specific and inane and the workaround so ugly that you can't really bash someone for not beimg aware of it.
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    @Lexter I think crisz's answer was very good. Angular material table does the same. Are the Google employed engineers and architects wrong? Or are there more ways to achieve things?
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    @ltlian can you elaborate? Interesting as o haven't experienced myself.
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    Well i think you just missed my point. Colspans and rowspans for joining cells are pretty common in tables like pricelist or so and clients using them very often. Without side borders visual continuity of infomation's working very bad.

    Using grid or flex has nothing to do with my problem.
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