"I keep telling you, I'm not a pilot"
"and I keep telling you, you fly boys crack me up!"

I'm not a developer, but I'm doing some complex things and I need the benefit of computers to work things out, so I know enough programming to get me by. Recently one of the uppers decided that all the amateur spaghetti python programs I'd quickly slapped together should be developed into tools that the clients engineers can use!

"How long do you need!."
" I have no idea how to make something like that",
"but it's all just maths right! you can figure it out",
"probably, given long enough bu.. "
"okay get started and we'll check in in a couple of weeks" "hold o.." "I'll give your pride and joy to the graduate to fuck up while you're working on that" "wai.. " "anyway got take this call, good luck"

So here I am.. I have no idea what I'm doing.

So since I have a working knowledge of python, fortran and VBA, someone suggested I learn nim, which was not what he sold it as. Then a software engineer that went to the same uni as me, suggested RUST! you can't mess up rust, and look at this I created (shows me a decent looking desktop application) "I'll help you out". But it wasn't really that easy.

Then I asked some questions... that was my first mistake, that's not acceptable until you know what you're doing apparently. Especially when the answers are in the docs you can't find in a topic you don't understand for a version you're not using solved with a tool you've never heard of for an operating system you forgot existed. Look at this moron asking a question.

Okay to be fair, I went through the rust docs and it was well written, and I do really like this language. But I do not have a degree in computer science, and so many docs for crates are just written with an expectation of a certain level of knowledge. As soon as there's a build error, it's at least 3 -4 days of me faffing about trying to decipher hieroglyphics.

..and the graduate is about to unwittingly commit manslaughter..

I'm sure whoever needs to fix this mess in the future will post a rant about this train wreck.

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    If I were the client engineer I would find python scripts vastly more useful than a compiled program.
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    Quality rant, welcome to the well of suffering my child
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    It’s really not so different when your actual title is developer.

    They assume it’s all the same, coding is coding!

    We hired you to do bash scripting but hey react is like that right? Okay do that...thanks!
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    Welcome to DevRant! Just keep at it, everything eventually clicks even if it has to take 4 days...and when it does it's bliss even if it's just 4 seconds.
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    @iamai And it literally is 4 seconds. Maybe even less.
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    in my experience rust users are autistic shut-ins prone to cargo cultistic fanatacism who will eat your liver if you turn your back on them for five minutes.

    drown him in a river. if he doesnt die in five minutes, he probably a witch.
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