Contributing to open source is hard :/

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    I feel the same way, every time I try to contribute to some open source project I end up giving up because I get intimidated by the codebase and I don't wanna disturb the contributors on discord/irc with my silly questions .-.

    Every time I give up I feel very incompetent :/
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    Shitting is also hard at times.
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    Side note: Be at it. You will be a rockstar in no time!
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    A good open source software project should be easy to contribute to.

    I've encountered quite a few bad ones that literally takes hours just to get it close to compiling.

    My personal opinion is (assuming you have the IDE and/or SDK installed) is it should be a single action to build it to get it running.
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    @Cyanide Side note: what's with all the side notes recently lol
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    @BobbyTables Side note: First comment is from the devil inside and side note is from the human inside.
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    Know what else is hard?
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    @neeno I feel the same
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    @neeno one day you will realize that every human is fucking incompetent.
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    @hardfault The world runs on a terrifyingly small amount of competence.
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    It's often a problem of context. Most of my contributions have been the result of my being an edge case user of a particular technology.

    Start by solving a problem you care about and that's relative to a problem you have. Complete the fix, document the why, include tests, PR. They either engage and accept it with minor revisions, or they don't.

    Trying to jump into a backlog cold, or attack an issue list without concrete experience in a thing will be quite difficult.
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    They declined your pull request eh
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    I find the most difficult is when you start an open source project, and you are the only one contributing !

    Where do you find others willing to help ?
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    I never had any issues contributing to open-source :)

    (mainly because all the projects I contribute to are my own)
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    @Nanos I wish I knew. I have several open source projects I started that get a non-trivial amount of usage but never have had anyone routinely contribute to any of the projects.
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    Maybe someone here knows.

    I'm particularly interested in how you get the 2nd person.

    I think its easier after that..

    I have a feeling I'm going to do all the work for version 1, and then when version 2 comes out, everyone and their dog will want to help..

    I'm reminded of someone I heard of from a friend, who invented 30+ people so their project looked like it was being helped by lots of folk.

    This apparently attracted real people to help !

    Then the person slowly removed the 30+ fake folk..
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    @neeno same here. Not that I've tried so much, because I have been really busy since last year.
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    Wherever you go, they keep on telling you contribute to open source.

    Like what the heck. How the fuck i am going to contribute to a shitty codebase. Where you have no clue where to begin or what to tackle.

    Sometimes i feel like fuck it let's work on a personal project where i can learn how to integrate a newly learned project idea would be more insightful for me.
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