Conversation between my husband and myself.

H: I ordered a game for the switch last week. It was delayed by USPS, and it looks like I got a partial refund due to it being late.
Moi: That's your mail privilege at work.
H: Did you really just make a mail pun? *Snerk*
Moi: This is why we work. ♥️

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    I once used USPS as a shipment option for ordering a gift off someone's Amazon's wishlist. Their estimate was one week, got there in three instead after circling Washington state for a week , going from one warehouse to another, like a MQ-9 reaper drone on station, circling a riot.
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    What's a husband? 🤔
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    A body pillow with realistic respiratory action.
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    I live for this shit. This is romance.
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    @Elyz a wife, just with a dick.
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    @SortOfTested this sounds amazingly accurate.

    You played him like a string on a puppet and he can breathe.

    Amazing! Can you tell us more about this “husband” thing? What does it do?
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    it works on so many levels
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