So, I got a paid internship and was tasked to create a game from scratch. They told me to start by creating an idea and so I started creating a Game Design Document with 40+ pages. Fuckin epic idea. The idea is presented to the boss. "Very good. But I want it to have multilayer" *Sigh* Substantial changes are made and I'm eager to start working on my masterpiece. Everybody wanted to see how it would turn out. 2 months into the internship I have to make a presentation to the boss. He tells me that I won't be able to accomplish anything in the limited time of the internship. They change my work completely and I am now part of the main team. Two weeks later I have another presentation. "You have been here for 2 months and this is what you have? This is you progress? You need to do better". A couple of days later I get an email stating that my performance was unsatisfactory and I won't get paid for those 2 months. Like, ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME! YOU TELL ME TO CHANGE EVERYTHING! 2 MONTHS OF MY LIFE OF HARD WORK WADTED FOR NOTHING! FUCK YOU! SO FUCKIN PISSED!

I have cool coworkers tho

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    that sounds like it sucks man :/ but atleast the team doesnt suck :D

    Good luck!
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    Ahhh mate working for a game company sucks ass
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    git push master -f and quit
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    @azous I like you enthusiasm but I don't think they granted him that right .
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    I would have flashed their servers or whatever they have
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    Where do you live?
    In most countries, telling people they will be paid and then not paying them is completely illegal.
    If they're unhappy with your work they can discipline you, or fire you, but they must pay you.
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    @skonteam actually I do :D It's a small team.

    @Lisanna It is clearly stated that I am only paid if my performance is good. But this was a low move
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    That's a shitty employer and a shitty company. I'd quickly middlefinger the boss and run away. Hahaha adult reactions 😂
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    @MAGNUMpt depending where you live, the law may override a bullshit contract.
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    @ThomasRedstone I live in Portugal although I've never heard of a case like this. Anyway, I need the internship to finish my master's
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    @MAGNUMpt ah, so even if the law were on your side, you'd risk derailing your degree!
    At least it has given some lessons, and if you can keep in touch with as much of the team as possible, it could be the foundation of a great network!
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    We need more single player games...you know the ones with substance.
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    @MAGNUMpt you were notpaid but how do you pay for other stuff?
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    There are several people in Portugal getting abused with such situations, just like you. That's illegal. There was even some months ago some news about situations like yours.

    I bet the company got paid by the government just so you have that internship. Go to the proper local entity or write to ASAE and they will tell you what to do.
    You have the right to get paid.
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    @shizpi yes. I also heard about it but this is a different situation. The payment is made completely by the company.
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    @MAGNUMpt in any case, I believe that's a bullshit agreement.
    What is a good/bad performance? For all I know, they could say you performed badly even if you're the best one over there.
    Ask ASAE, do it without fuss for now so you can finish the internship and then shove the complaint up their asses.
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    Even in Germany we have minimum wage now, BUT if an intership is required for your degree, its the only possibility for a company to let you work for nothing. I guess this could be a way how this success depending salary is legal :/
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