Why are most developers angry all the time? At times devRant feels like road rage got digitized.
Listen to some classics, or general soothing music or even that noise youngsters these days call music. Life isn't a traffic jam.

If you're really frustrated, grab a hammer, go on an actual road rage. Enjoy life. ☮️

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    I chalk it up to the "Rant" in devRant.

    Comments folks tend to be more thoughtful.
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    Because that's the goal of the platform, mate. It's like asking why people post shit on Twitter
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    well... it's devRant for a reason
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    @N00bPancakes you make a very good argument 🥞. It is very amusing to be honest.
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    @Jilano I like how you made that connection.
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    @boomgoat Indeed.

    Personally I'm a bit put off by angry developers a lot because, that's just not how I work / operate.... and honestly asshole developer syndrome is a real thing on the internet and I'm not a fan.

    Having said that after I read more comments around here I was less bothered by the rant aspect as everyone here seems mostly cool.

    Except those who aren't ... you know who you are ....
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    @N00bPancakes mr.Pancakes, those are the exact people this rant was about.

    We see you, the guy screaming at his computer. We see everything. EVERYTHING.
    Also, mr.Pancakes you make me crave pancakes. Rant on mr.Pancakes, rant on. 🥞
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    someone's hungry for breakfast
    and someone's about to be eaten

    Ooo this thread is food too

    *grabs spoon and fork*

    Hi @N00bPancakes 🤤
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    @iamai taking this to a whole new level. 💯🥪🙇‍♂️
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    I'll tell you why I am fucking angry:
    because I fucking work with IT
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    @Linux you need pancakes. Maybe a hammer as well. Eat the pancakes and use the hammer to, uh, open some doors.
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    Hey google, what does rant mean?
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    @Stuxnet road rage with a hammer 🥞
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    And for why devrant is needed :)

    IT is a complex field that at the same time is vital to many businesses.

    And people in leading position,and customers, often do not take well to depend on things and people they do not understand, especially if those people say they are wrong.

    This offers a lot of fuel for this site ;)
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    The point of this forum is to have outbursts in an appropriate place. It would be unprofessional and dangerous to ones career to tell coworkers to go fuck themselves.

    Devrant provides an place to outburst and exclaim frustrations in a place that expects and supports you. It is equivalent to screaming in a pillow. So the idea that everyone who posts here is an angry dev is not the reality. Those are still the exceptions.

    There is also a reason why most people on this platform prefer anonymity. This allows us to vent without exposing ourselves to douche bags that would dox you.

    This site provides a place to vent, relate, support, and reflect on our own frustrations. And to shitpost!
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    @Voxera definitely true. Honestly speaking, going through a few rants at the end of the day and adding silly comments is a pretty good way to destress.

    I usually come online every other day and spend a while on the app. Kudos to the devs who made it!
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    @Demolishun the comments in this rant are a great example of what @N00bPancakes was talking about.
    Despite the anger and rage, people here really give you a shoulder to cry on.
    This can be a pretty stressful field.

    I kinda read a rant that seemed a bit edgy so I ended up ranting about it. 😅
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    @boomgoat We rant about other rants all the time. Its all good man!
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    What others have said, but also: there's a reason the Dilbert comic was about an engineer.

    Specifically, in regards to software, it's the only form of engineering where people will not only ignore their engineers but condescend to tell them how to do their job. You won't find an over-promoted secretary telling an EE how to design an electrical substation, or a call center guy telling a mech e which alloys to requisition.

    That phenomenon is a side effect of how our engineering is different from other branches: we deliver the product. Most engineers design the process and the requirements but don't operate the lathes, stand up the catalytic crackers or weld the heat sinks, and operate the cranes themselves.

    The last bit is general contempt; the average person who oversees us is generally entirely non-technical. Your job becomes talking those people off ledges, lest you own the blame for their bad decisions.

    Endless hordes of that type of person can make this career hell.
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    Reasons to be angry in IT

    - Neoliberalism & Capitalism forces you to sell your workforce for money.
    - Incompetent Managers
    - different oppinions on how things should be
    - different levels of knowledge and motivation
    - Lack of or bad communication
    - Unrealistic expectations / wishful thinking
    - pure simple malice
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    @SortOfTested that's definitely true.
    The last job I was in had two junior devs as team leads who had a habit of micromanaging absolutely every single detail. They set impossible deadlines and asked for stuff that was shady or borderline illegal.
    The last task I got assigned before I quit was to design and implement an automated digital fingerprinting authentication system that tracks the user's activity along with their location and prevents the user from sharing his/her account.
    The lead asked me to do this in two weeks.
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    @SortOfTested I was working on a project where the manager was a mechanical engineer.

    He said to me (doing electronics and controls) and another sparky (electrical engineer): "I don't understand what you guys do."

    I replied: "And we endeavor to keep it that way." He was not happy with that response.
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