I have a new boss who was hired today. Well, I guess he's supposed to be a 2nd in command to my current supervisor, but I still have to report to him too I guess.

This dude is a high-sodium seasoned dev, and the kind who thinks anyone who's been in the industry less than 15 years should be at best a test engineer or thrown into the 7th ring of Customer Support.

Ugh. I'm now out of gin, which was my backup to my scotch. And this prick expects me to have a PR ready for him to review on a whole new application I've been working on for the last 2 weeks by midday tomorrow. And today was his first day.

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    Woah, demand like that day one. That's pretty presumptuous.
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    Give him a PR with 50 @TODO’s.
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    “Sorry, who are you again? Don’t you have intern orientation to attend or something?” 🙂

    Don’t actually do this. You’ll have an enemy for life.

    More seriously, how does he expect to give a thorough and useful code review on a project he has never even seen? Sounds like posturing and intimidation to me. He’s probably a seagull manager.
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    Micromanaging inbound!
    This will only end in 1 of you quitting.
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    Whoa. It's hard to imagine what could make someone be as stupid as that one. I'd have a hard time not laughing at his face.

    Good luck.
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