Android is a complete garbage OS and Google has successfully taken the bloat crown from Microsoft.

They keep pushing these webapps, this is how they see the future a locked down app based OS on every hardware configuration (laptops, tablets..etc). zero access to the hardware proprietary sack of shit!

vote with your wallets, go buy your self an actual *nix phone.

No really, if this is the future of the software industry then I want out, this is not what I signed up for when I first joined this is not my vision nor am I the only one who feels like this.
Yes I'm all for ease of use I really am. but I'm also for user freedom. I own the machine I get to use it how ever I want. and its not hard to allow true user freedom and ease of use.

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    Install postmarket os and go about your day.
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    @SortOfTested postmarket OS is still lockedown in nature.

    it doesn't run true native binaries like how linux and mac do. it doesn't give me direct memory access.

    Google wants to advertise their Android as a Desktop OS alternative, without giving the complete features of a Desktop OS.
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    It's not the future of the software industry. Most apps will eventually die as soon as Apple ditches their outdated (but very lucrative...) model and PWAs take over.
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    Nah M$ is still worse with forced Edge upgrades and showing it to you like you are your computer's parent, disallowing UEFI linux most of the time and just being a jerk in general with NTFS.
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    @devdiddydog Corruption always wins because the corrupt are not bound by morals.
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    @Root nah. That saying is wrong. Corruption does not always win. Your country is just low on Swedish government officials. And so is Google and M$.
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    @Root Yes, being a sociopath is like a cheat code to go far in life.
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    I started working in a mobile app company. Got hired for high PWA experience.

    PWA’s are great for 80% and drastically reduce the work needed for everyone involved. Running binaries was never a concern.

    But there will always be a small amount of native required for some use cases, then you make your app hybrid.

    You’re just afraid of change and probably still write your logic on the UI Thread
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    @010001111 By all means I don't mind some change, the industry can get away with 90% of anything being PWA and I couldn't care less.

    I'm just afraid of hardware manufactures and software vendors like MS and Google locking everything down.
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