hugging Microsoft with their clucking buggy software!

>> generate an xls with Apache POI
>> colour some particular cells in green, others - in red.
>> export as xls

>> open with LibreOffice Calc -- looks pretty
>> upload to Slack, open slack's generated xls preview -- looks pretty
>> open with GDocs -- looks pretty
>> open with sheet.zoho.com -- looks pretty
>> open with onlinedocumentviewer.com -- looks pretty
>> open with aspose.app -- looks pretty

>> open the xls with MS Office Excel -- more than half of the cells are unformatted, uncoloured


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    Yeah, MS isn't doing as awful as they were on certain things, but... "Office". What a ducking shame and pain in the arse.

    Edit: Have you tried LibreOffice 7.0.0 yet?
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    @Jilano no,I haven't. Is it worth it?
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    @netikras I haven't either, but I was curious, especially regarding the compatibility, etc.
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    They don't follow THEIR OWN STANDARDS... and you expected it to work?
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