I have just started learning C# having previously known only Python. It's a learning curve - why is there so much syntax!? 😬

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    Better performance and control over code is the sacrifice for development time.
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    I dove into C# for a short while and intend to go back eventually.

    I remember looking at all the boilerplate then firing up Visual Studio and my laptop fan takes off ...

    "Well that seems kinda unnecessary..."
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    Don't worry, you'll get used to it.
    But thank you for being an example of why Python shouldn't be taught as a first language, like my University first year teachers want to do... poor new students...
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    The similarity of Python to pseudocode and it's indentation-based syntax are some of it's unique features. The language was designed to be that way.

    C# has other main objectives, which results in more boilerplate / syntax to learn. But it has advantages in other areas you'll see soon.
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    It's very wordy, but that's a trait of most OOL for some reason
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    Yea mos lt languages have brackets. Lots and lots of brackets but then indentation doesn't really matter
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    I’ve read your rant and I only have seen the word “curve”. I want a curvy person to squeeze
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    @uyouthe how curvy we talking?

    we charge by the pound here.
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    @c3r38r170 My university exclusively teaches C++ as a first language, and IMO it's a lot easier to go "oh, so Java uses pointers implicitly for non-primitives" and "oh so Python uses this exception thing to handle errors" instead of the inverse, which is "the fuck's a pointer?".

    Case in point the guy here (or on StackOverflow idk which) a while ago complaining because he couldn't understand the difference between *int64 and int64.
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    I learned python first, and it was the worst mistake of my coding career. It's indentation syntax and lack of boilerplate are really cool, but not a single other language does that

    Because I learned python first, I struggled learning other languages
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    Yeah, I know that feel
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    @sudo-woodo That's cool. My old teachers are thinking of using Python to replace Pascal, that's the language we were introduced.
    I already knew Java, PHP, JS and MySQL by then so I just nailed it, but poor classmates who had to learn programming using :=...
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    @sudo-woodo you're the stupid Pokémon that i honestly thought was a grass type.
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    I'm learning .net core now. 😅😅
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    @10Dev Nim uses that sort of syntax, i can probably think of some other languages that have that. If anything the one for Nim is far more anal since you can't use tabs....it has to be 4 fucking spaces. But the language is otherwise nice.

    I still hate syntactic whitespace.
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    ... what do you mean, "so much"?
    it could be fit onto one side of one sheet of paper, without even trying.
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    @Wisecrack I don’t talk to those who use pounds to measure THIS.

    60 kilograms or more.
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    Verbosity is good, actually.
    Make that code W I D E and give your components nice names
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    @N00bPancakes I totally get that, I don't like visual studio myself either.

    If you want a simpler setup, consider just using the dotnet command line tool and any text editor you prefer.
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    @uyouthe ah british.

    you pay the premium.

    I totally meant to write "pounds *sterling*".
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