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Python is fresh and demanded technology in the market but C is great for building a strong foundation. The essence of programming comes from thinking 🤔 and languages are just a medium.

If #python is a big giant means not C is outdated.

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    @F1973 reason
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    @F1973 oh I thought you said so in developer point of view.
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    Both are pretty useless for very big stuff. One is slow, the other one is too low level.
    About importance, one is the foundation of a lot of very good things and very great things derive from it or were inspired by it. The other one shouldn't exist.
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    Agreed. Just use modern entreprise languages for modern entreprise systems. C is for special cases, Python for scripting. Opening a can of worms there, but hey: we are all entitled an opinion! Would you write a payment system in Python? Or start fresh on one with C?
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    Sigh. They're different tools for different things, use them for what they're good at.
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    Fuck python.
    Simply because TAB is an indent.
    That is such a fucking sin python should be tried, convicted, shot and killed for that.

    I heard snake can be damn fucking tasty.
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    @Stuxnet But also "heeell no".
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    C is not going anywhere till programming exists, none of them is better or useless in all cases,
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    Programming is building logic and languages are only a way
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    cringe, worse than reddit posting
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