It really grinds my gears when new hires just start adding themselves to every fucking slack channel and then start crapping up the channel history with irrelevant chatter.

Business Analysts and Project Managers do not need to be in #developers sending mock-ups to a UI/UX designer for one team, or posting an xkcd strip you found on the internet because you "got it" and you think you are proving that you are one of us by posting it there. This channel isn't a fucking club, its where ALL developers at this company across all teams share tools and practices for us to maintain consistency and best practices and to improve our craft, or to give a heads-up about vulnerabilities.

There is a specific channel for your role, and your project. You don't need to be everywhere and in every conversation. And for fuck's sake, PLEASE stop @someone adding people to these channels just because you think you saw something in there posted by someone else that they should see. You can just fucking share that message directly with that person, or in another channel.

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    Also, your baby yoda custom gif emojis and your custom smart-ass slackbot responses aren't fucking cute either.
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    Need to have explicit silly channel(s) for silly stuff.
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    @N00bPancakes let's not pretend they're going to use that
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    @alexbrooklyn If it catches one person, it worked, also gives the typical ok users a place to do their thing.
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    How come they can do that themselves? Isn't there someone that gives permissions and the like?

    Also, Baby Yoda is cute.
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    @Jilano exactly. It makes Slack look like a chat platform without proper permissions system - but again, it's probably just the wrong administering.
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    Time to write down the unwritten rules.
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    @electrineer that's a fair point! Writing down all policies applied to the chat on your server is important if members count exceeds 20.
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    Most places I've been have the channel for engineers private. Seemed kinda unnecessary to me, but I guess it'd avoid things like that.
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