Manager: "are you doing this obscure process that I laid out months ago with no plan or follow through?"

Me: "no, my other 3 managers said they didn't see any value in it, not sure how to keep everyone happy"

Manager: "that's not what we want! You need start doing this obscure process now!"

We have 20 engineers total in my company and I have 4 managers. Office Space was a documentary.

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    For a non coding job I used to visit local customers to assist with some stuff. When I'd get conflicting instructions from different managers (go to two different places at the same time ASAP) I'd just conference everyone together, or tell them to call each other and let me know what they work out. "In the meantime I'm going to do X."

    Sorting out conflicting processes is pretty much their job, if they can't do that, it's not my job to referee unless I'm their boss.
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    I would not be suited for that environment. Playing the evil child card every time. Just ask for the same thing to every manager. If one said yes I got my way. So they basically increased my chances by 4 of getting my way.

    @N00bPancakes has the right idea though let them fight it out by themselves. For now just pick what suits you best.
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