Acer vs MSI Laptops.

Five years ago I bought an acer aspire vn7-591 laptop in Redcoon. It was the expensive laptop I bought ever in those days. My experience at the beginning was really bad because the battery laptop crashed after few months and the screen had some vague/dead pixels, but the worst was the imminent bankruptcy of Redcoon. So I couldn't use the warranty. Anyway, It didn't bother so much I have been enjoying this laptop and still doing it. However, last year the screen put me on alert since it started to fail with vertical bars and color changes.
It was time to buy a new computer and due to the problems with some of the components, I've decided to buy a laptop from a company with a better reputation than Acer in aspects as the reliability of the components.
My choice was a Msi Prestige 15 because of the thunderbolts, since the rest of specs are 'more or less similar', although it has more updated hardware, it is lighter, battery holds up to 4-5 hours etc... But... It is really noisy compared to my Acer computer. 2 CPU fans are around 3000 rpm in idle state... Acer seems to be working without using the fans if you are doing intensive work. I google it as I thought it was a factory problem, but it seems to be not a malfunctioning... In fact I found other users complaining about the same and the community proposed to reduce the fan speed through software.
Right now I have both laptops working and since the new boy is in house, Acer is working flawlessly. I am preparing the Acer for my girlfriend as a gift, otherwise it is a pitty to shut it down and store it in a wardrobe.
So, this is my impression about ACER and MSI. I m still experiencing with the new laptop, but I find weird things like the fan speed or how hot it gets in idle despite it uses a new generation of intel i7 cpu with lower consumption... I should monitor the power consumption...

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    MSI doesn't really start getting good until you hit the GS/WS series. Those tend to be excellent, if a little goofy on the branding.
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    I went from an Acer Aspire to an MSI GV series, never going back to Acer, fan is, well loud as hell but what ever, it's been over 12 months and I haven't had to replace a single component - compared to my old Acer which would need something replaced, usually the bloody keyboard every 5-6 months useless thing would just stop typing, and replacements were no better, wasn't a driver or connection issue, plug a new one in and away we go again, for a while.

    I've gone through HDDs, keyboards, DVD drive shit itself, hell even the SD card reader died in the ass at one point - who knows I might have bought the ultimate lemon.

    But for me Acer is a cheap brand, with even cheaper components, a bit of heat and noise over replacing things all the time doesn't worry me.
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    Did you contact the importer or acer directly for warranty? Now it's too late though.

    Which cpus do you have exactly in those things?

    Might have been worth it to Google what other users are complaining about before purchase.
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    Msi worst client support ever
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    @C0D4 Exactly, it was maddening when the battery died so quickly and then the screen... However, I've been using it very intensive during 5 years and right now I am kind of happy with my purchase.
    In general, MSI's laptops are more reliable than Acer, but the fan detail is disappointing, but my hope is to fine tune the fans and solve it. We will be see if I succeed.
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    @electrineer I am a freelancer and when I bought it I was in a very important project, so It was really essential for me. I've assumed the vague pixels in the screen and even the battery problem, but it was disappointed.

    I don't think CPUs are the problem. Acer has a i7 4710HQ and Msi an i7 10710U. It was a new model so I can only searched for the hardware components. These days I have been looking for reviews and there are some guys complaining as me but others didn't find it noisy. For me fan cpus at 3000 rpm are noisy but maybe it's not for a gamer laptop. I am not using it for playing video games, only for coding.
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    @raulqf yeah the old cpu is a high performance part and the new one is a ultra-low power part. The old one needed more power dissipation. Maybe the new laptop also has a discrete gpu, or maybe it's so much thinner that they couldn't fit a bigger heat sink. Otherwise sounds like bad design or manufacturing.
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    Had both loved both
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