I got deployed to a client who uses Java. I have no knowledge in Java. Can I learn it in only half a month? Also including spring boot to create web services. The project will start soon.

They say the number 1 skill of a developer is the ability to learn fast. I'm a PHP JS guy by the way.

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    I found all the programing is just if, for and var. Nothing else. What is different are principles.

    Possible to learn in half of month? Possible. Be good? Hell no.

    They say the number 1 skill is...? They can say whatever they want.
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    What's a Java? (TM)
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    If you've been using strict types and OOP in php, then Java won't feel to far away, although the verbosity can be a pain in the ass.
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    I would say no
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    Basics? Yes.
    Enough to actually solve problems/implement things at seniority level..probably not.
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    It's possible if you already know about web programming. The language is different, but ideas are quite similar. Just jump head first into java and spring boot. There are some good courses on freecodecamp youtube channel, also, if you have little bit of money, you can check out udemy courses. Just try to build something from scratch using Spring Boot. You will learn a lot: build tools, IDE(Intellij), debugging, server side rendering etc.
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    @SpaceMonkey i bought Mosh tutorial about Java and learned it today. Next is Spring Boot to build API endpoints. Concepts are the mostly the same. I just need to study the syntaxes and java terms like artifacts, jre, package, etc.

    Then after that connection to MSSQL.
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    @sladuled yeah so many related things to study. The heck is Maven and Groovy. Guess I also need to study the terms in Java ecosystem
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    Just unlearn Script and you know Java.
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    Its doable. I had a project at my last job where I had to integrate the ERP system into an ecommerce api. It was all C# I am a PHP dev, was able to learn C# well enough to do this integration in few weeks.

    The only good thing about this project though was the SQL db i needed to connect to was in Scotland and the IT director wouldn't allow me to connect remotely so I was sent to Scotland for two weeks.
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