I suck doing frontend development. I'm slow, and I usually struggle to obtain the results I'm looking for... but today I'm happy because I almost finished the website for one of my side projects:


I'm going out of a long depression, and seeing things done is really helping me to improve my mood and have more energy.

By the way, thanks to the https://getzola.org project, it would have been impossible to me without it.

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    Looking good so far as “don’t do Frontend”. Just check mobile again, reposition icons above and not on the side. Also the first paints are a bit janky because of your font-family definition. Generally, try to compact the yellow intro header to the viewport so you don’t need to scroll for the catchy things.
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    Well done! Is the project a bit like Lando?

    https://lando.dev/ especially the tooling section.
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    @hjk101 Actually... it has some similarities, yes. But it still has to evolve on some aspects to catch Lando regarding some features.
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    Nice!! The design looks amazing!
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    Cool design but even cooler tooling! Was searching for something like this couple weeks back. Will definitely try it
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    @Lucky-Loek Thx :) , it means a lot to me reading that.

    Please take into account that although it's stable, it still needs a lot of work to be a truly awesome tool. But it will get better! ^^
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    Looks really good!
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    Some minor nitpicking:
    I would change to font to weight 800 and change to margins a bit

    Other then that, top notch quality +
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    @12bitfloat thx for the suggestion!
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    @12bitfloat I actually prefer the left side in regards to to weight - too right one is too bold for me - but I like the margin change.

    Disclaimer: I also suck at frontend.
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