While you are reading this, Windows 10 is installing sh*t in your gaming PC


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    You have to put off updates for a long time before it forces updates....
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    @N00bPancakes not always.

    Major updates (version changes) do just reboot and take over.

    I've been seeing it for years.

    As for installing more apps, open the MS store app, and disable auto updates and suggestions.

    Then go into the settings app and turn off all "suggestions" and your start menu will stop filling up.
    As for the forced reboot, can't help you with that, even active hours are ignored now and again.
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    @C0D4 Are you sure that's not a company policy you're seeing?

    The out of nowhere forced reboot updates on the regular consumer end without deferring numerous times hasn't been a thing for years....

    Companies can of course set their own policy, for good reasons.
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    @C0D4 dunno why for some active hours are ignored but I've never encountered any problems with the updates.
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    @N00bPancakes 2 personal laptops, both have updated at their own will since W10 was first released, 2nd laptop is only a year old, same behaviour.

    I'm not taking about "shutdown and update" as a forced update, I'm talking being mid game or deep in a coding session and bam, sudden "windows is updating"

    No prompts, no warning, and inside active hours, so no, it's a thing, it's just not everyone experiences it.

    The company one has updates disabled, and unless I go and request them they don't download, so no issues there.
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    The whole article seems like a huge pebcak.
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    @iiii no problems but, how about new apps?
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    @wicho as was mentioned before in this thread: there are settings for advertising in windows. You can easily disable those. It's still pebcak that the user just going apeshit instead of configuring his system for his liking.
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    I got sick of Windows auto-updates and forced reboots so I disabled auto-updates in group policy a couple years ago. Hasn't happened since.

    The fact that I needed to use group policy was kind of egregious, but whatever. It worked.
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    Haha what do you expect from anything made by crapple
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    @EmberQuill group policies are like the God mode of overriding windows behaviour. Has helped every time I touched the gpedit
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    Windows 10 is a complete failure, and I'm happy that I moved back to Linux after Windows 7.
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    I don't understand how can you fuck up updates that bad. I understand not expecting unix kernel simplicity but as a long running OS, Windows should've got this down by Vista. The number of times it has had the audacity of saying "Couldn't complete updates. Rolling back." without giving a proper reason as to why is failed is comedic.
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    @3rdWorldPoison To add insult to injury, Microsoft already had nailed it down with Windows 7. Anything after that was worse. That wasn't just incompetence, it was the result of wrong business decisions in the past.

    Making a touch UI for desktop like in Win 8? Yeah, abuse the desktop monopoly to push Windows phones that nobody cared about anyway because MS had missed the boat.

    Everyone has big data. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, Paypal, while MS can't even do a proper search engine (Bing is a joke). So abuse the desktop monopoly to spy on users.

    Whenever MS can't think of a business strategy, they resort to abusing the desktop monopoly. That's the only thing that has worked reliably for them.
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    @Fast-Nop Bad decisions through and through. Getting a team together and working towards improving their desktop monopoly hold should be the FIRST decision.

    The fractured focus on different things MS tries to do is not letting it progress in what they already have.

    The number of times I've personally made discoveries of how registeries are handled by installation is ridiculous. The number of "Try switching this random Dword to 56 and that should help crossing this non-descript error" posts is a sight to behold.

    It's like they have whole heatedly adopted the global Singleton as their god of choice. No fucking clarity in motive and even if there is then no clarity of direction. I almost pity the MS devs that'd have to work this swampy mess of monolithic garbage.

    Even their ventures with Teams is flawed as fuck. If not for the security bombarding of Zoom, I'd still use it over MS Teams anyday.

    This kinda turned into a rant as well lol.
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    @3rdWorldPoison And it will only get worse over time because Windows isn't what MS makes real money with so that they pull off their best devs and their resources in favour of their more profitable products.

    From their business perspective, this is the right decision, but anyone who is still on Windows 10 ought to think about the ramifications.
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    Ahem. Have I mentioned that I use Arch?
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