I am a fresher at this IT giant and I was hired to work in a better role as a dev. They assigned me CMS copy paste stuff and I dont like the work here at all. I am preparing for better opportunities. The lead calls me up after working hours to do some more copy paste stuff. I conveyed frankly that I cant devote time after working hours as I have other studies to attend do. Did I fuck myself or did i do the right thing ?

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    If it's a garbage job I don't know that you're hosing yourself out anything but garbage work. Just depends on how much you value that job.
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    Depends on which brand of shitty indian boss you have, but most likely yes.
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    In India? You absolutely fucked yourself WITHIN the context of that job. The good thing is you get to decide whether that matters.
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    If the jobs feeds you for now, and you can still look at other options, how are you fucked? As long as you are fresh and willing to look for better options you'll be okay. Getting older and forgetful is worse, as those options diminish as your learning speed slows down. So DO LOOK for those options and learn as much as you can, now you still can.

    At worst you've learned a valuable lesson about employers.
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    Not risking your studies was the right thing to do.
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