How the hell do I manage time as a dev and a project manager (sorry I'm new to the role of doing both and everything is hitting me all at once, any advice is appreciated)

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    Learn to delegate. A PM's role and time should mostly mitigate issues and plan for contingencies to ensure the schedule is met if not adjusted accordingly. It may include mentoring and guiding those under your team but you shouldn't be doing most of the coding anymore.
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    If your doing both roles, set aside time specific to each role, hopefully your using a ticket board (Jira / trello, etc) to manage your workload.

    I spend my mornings doing the project work, afternoons if I manage to get time I spend coding.

    This way it's a constant switch with lunch as the breaker.

    But each to their own, and you'll either find a routine or you won't.

    @iamai if one has a team under them yes, but even then, as a dev/pm hybrid you are still expected to manage both your time and the time of those under you while still getting shit done.

    There's no "nice" way of getting through this, but you'll really need to learn and master time management to pull you through it.
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    @C0D4 thanks man, that helps a ton! I'll keep that in mind. I currently just keep pushing through while being mentored but I think if I set aside time blocks dedicated to each it'll be better.
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    @csharpian and learn the magic two letter word: "No".

    The worst thing u can do is rotating between topics to "please everyone.".
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    @iamai what if the current team is full of monkeys.... U tell em to do something but they'll do it the fastest and shittiest way so well it works for now but.... Let's just hope they never have to change it again.

    Which we all know is but true most of the time...
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    @donuts sigh agree that what you said is common. Sometimes we just have to pick our battles. As much as we like things to be perfect we really have to let go and let them learn. Sometimes I'd step over but I can only do so much.
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    @iamai and this morning we have production issue. Not my problem but when I hear that... I just think root cause: shitty code

    That's how they learn... Maybe

    I going to guess that will pick duct tape fix again... And well doesn't help manager is sorta hands off and perhaps not too bright.

    Though I wonder maybe why he hasn't asked me to review the code is because he knows it's rip it to shreds....

    And well I ain't volunteering...
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