They renamed "master" to "main".

Finally! Slavery and racism are solved!

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    "We did it, lads. Let's wrap it up, now!"
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    What happens if you try to rename it back to master? Will you end up in jail?
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    @lamka02sk You'll get called a nazi on twitter.
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    Let's see...

    At least you can still name it master
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    @junon So... No consequence?

    @lamka02sk "You're going away for a long time, you sick fuck!"
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    So, is it over now ?
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    But I'm still Racist
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    @junon What if you're not on twitter? Loophole!
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    I would like to put forward just one point. I am on no one’s side here.

    Calling it “main” doesn’t solve the racism issue at all, for sure. But do we actually know how people - whose ancestors were slave - feel about this whole master-slave thing?
    Or are we just saying that this master-slave thing doesn’t bother them at all.

    Sorry if I sound ignorant. Sitting here in my home, I don’t actually know enough of both sides to make a judgement on this. So this comment is to broaden my horizons.

    Personally, I don’t see any issue in master-slave nomenclature.
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    Still waiting for all chess Grandmasters to ask for their title to be renamed to Grandmain.
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    @lamka02sk An American will come up to you and pee their pants and start to cry.
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    @Cyanide Most of our ancestors were slaves at one point in time. Slavery is a part of human history. All we can do is to prevent it moving forward and let history teach us how bad it was. Renaming things away from "master" doesn't do any of that except virtue signal.
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    @junon indeed. It's silly how some seems to think US blacks where the only slaves in the world. Until the 19th century slavery was very common in most of the world, especially in Africa and South America. It only ended because of colonisation in much of the world. It was always a horrendous thing but has been extremely wide spread and we should be careful that is not give it a chance to resurface anywhere. And that has nothing to do with naming things and everything to do with taxing the rich and offering good education to the poor. And of course with honouring human rights.
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    @Ubbe it's not because it was slavery itself, it's because the usa made slavery based on your race. before you had to have commit a crime or be a war criminal, when the usa did it you just had to be black, so it associated the words with racism.

    i don't personally care, and it's not for a whit person to care about either. for all i know, it might be hard going to history class and learning about your great grandparents getting beat and then going to a programming class right after and seeing that.
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    @calmyourtities That is a fair point but not unique. Ethnic factors have often played a central role in slavery. For example in the Ottoman empire a very large part of the slaves where slavs, which is where the very word comes from. But yes, the the black and white distinction is very clear in the US case. Still to me the slavery in the US is no more nor less important or disgusting than slavery in the Arab world or in ancient Europe.
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    The good thing in today's world is people raise voices. There have been many instances when policies, practices, laws , and even governments got changed because some person/community was not happy with what the way they were treated

    The bad thing is also somewhat similar : stupid people , unethical people, delusional people , and people with lack of knowledge also raise voices. And usually the loudest voice is heard.

    I personally do not raise my voice because am not American, i also don't know if the master/main issue is really a thing. But I respect this change. I mainly believe in keeping people happy. If its good for some particular community, and not too troubling for me , i embrace the change.

    As an Indian i am only "supposed" to hate Brits and Pakistanis but I just laugh everytime i see a stupid debate on this. Not sure how am gonna feel if i saw a "this is a british branch, this is an indian branch" in every git repo i wanna contribute or if its even a relatable comparison
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    Racism is based on human emotion and lack of intelligence.

    The futile try to change this by renaming things or "trying to rewrite history" like censoring books, rewriting films, ... is the opposite of what should be done...

    You cannot undo thousands of years of history. And racism is present in every year of human history. It has many names, many terms, many intelligent people trying to explain it - but it all boils down to the layman terms of primitive behaviour of "I as an individual must be better than someone else".

    What needs to change is the mindset - and that's an impossible task. Changing words, books and so on trying to avoid the topic by sugar coating it - nope. That will lead only to people being more angry or unaware - we need history as it is to understand and learn from it. The more we try to force it to be "" likeable "" the less we'll be able to learn from it.

    One good example that comes into my mind is eg GRID - the former term for an HIV infection.

    Gay related immune deficiency. While AIDS
    certainly is a better name - the GRID term gives you a very clear understanding of how AIDS was seen at that time.

    Very different from today.
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    I have never met anyone who has had a problem with:
    • Master/Slave
    • Whitelist/Blacklist
    • Follower
    • Ancestor/Parent/Child
    • Forking/Killing processes
    • Green hats
    • #{Colors.all.join(‘/‘)} people

    Except (of course) for unaffected white SJW virtual signalers, who scream that everyone who isn’t racist has a problem with it, and that it’s all further proof of the systemic racism.

    These people ironically seem to hate their own race and simultaneously excuse any and all crimes committed by all other races (with only two exceptions: Nazi-era Germans, and the Christian crusades). To them, no other atrocity in history seems to exist, and you are racist for bringing them up. (Or honestly any argument at all.)

    The terms aren’t racist or problematic, and the only people that have a problem with them already have a problem with basically everything else. Boy who cried wolf, etc.
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    I got called out at work for using terms master/slave to describe our jenkins CI/CD infrastructure.. no idea those terms had been deprecated. This was about a year ago, for reference.
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    What if Github branches are playing a consensual BDSM role play? Huh? Are we kink shaming them now?
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