DevRant is a more aggressive Dev Twitter where people can post shit without getting cancelled.

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    I can’t get into Twitter no matter what I do lol maybe this is why
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    This community feels a hell of a lot more 'organic' and 'genuine' than twitter... also even when people are rude to each other here... they're still 1000x nicer than twitter.
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    you can still get a big fat kick if you go trashing this place with spam, ads and whatnot. Also, mean insults aren't really welcome here as well.

    Asking for ++ is the straightest route to /dev/null

    so it's not like posting shit will not get you canceled here. You CAN post shit. Just not the annoying kind
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    @N00bPancakes This.

    Humans didn't get so far because they said "excuse me dearest greg, do you want to kill a mammoth with me?", they said "oooh ugh ahh oh" and in my humble opinion that's beautiful.

    Twitter is that shisha lounge party where you have to take 5 hours in your bathroom to get ready for 2 hours of just looking good.

    Devrant is a bar. You visit it 8 pm after work. You smell, want to get drunk and you just want to ramble monologues. But at least someone should listen, no matter if they answer. About 4 am you decide to take one last shot to leave in 2 hours. For work.
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    Something something Dunbar's number and related social psychology.

    I'd say that description is more accurate for Blind, honestly.
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    Well, I joined devRant just today and the community feels really nice. Strong opinions exist but hey, at least no one's judging. I'm already on board with devRant being more organic. I think Twitter is used to build your network among the communities. Is there a similar use case here on devRant?
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    We're mostly anonymous, because the things we say here aren't good for career longevity.
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    Wrong. You actually can be cancelled pretty easily here. Except almost no one tries to do that
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    @iiii Care to explain?
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    @ayushjn downvoting system. Get a few "spam" downvotes and downvoted posts and comments become invisible to everyone except you. If you sychronize with several users you can downvote someone into invisibility.
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    Twitter is too fast for me. If you don't look at it for a day. There are a bajillion things to catch up to. Even people interact more frequently on average there. This is kinda a chill place. I can come after 2 days and it feels like home.
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    @3rdWorldPoison yeah, Twitter needs slow mode as here.
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    @SortOfTested I checked out Blind and my initial impression was not good. Should I continue?
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    Oh no, blind is a toxic shit hole of people who live, eat and breathe TC and egotism.
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