Bugfixing on production.

Is this a skill? Should I put it in my CV?

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    Substitute that with one word... BADASS!!!
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    It is a skill, no you shouldn't put it on your CV :-P
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    It's neither a skill nor something that you should put in your CV. If you want to mention it, you can say in a future interview: "I HAD TO FIX BUGS ON PRODUCTION! GET ME OUT OF THERE!"

    Yet seriously, when you have to SSH your production server, your process is broken.

    And FYI: I have been there. I once fixed bugs on production. Then I started behaving like a professional ;)
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    If I see someone ssh into production I call the cops
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    It is. Comes along with the "Executing SQL commands without any backup on production databases".
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    @thiagoavadore best comment i saw today, thank you
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