How to deal with anxiety before an interview result when you know the result can be out at any moment? mfs are releasing it in batches and I'm checking my emails a thousand times a day.

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    I don't. I check my email at least once every 3 minutes when my uni is behind and owe me an exam grade as well..
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    I try to do something I like, even if I'm too nervous to do it.

    Like go play a video game or something, go for a walk without the phone, etc.
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    Go build some shit in Minecraft (modded). Like a reactor.
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    1 hour later phone rings:

    "Yeah I'm gonna have to think about your offer ... kinda busy here ..."
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    Your interview is over. There's nothing you can do to influence the result anymore. Just acknowledge that and relax.
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    @SortOfTested Lol, that's not an option for me :)
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    @N00bPancakes Thanks, already played Valorant for 2 hours today :/
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    @Demolishun That sounds interesting. Never played Minecraft tho. I play clash of clans instead xD
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    @iiii Actually waiting for round 1 results and round 2 schedule.
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    @ayushjn anyway, you cannot influence the outcome in any way right now
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    @iiii Yeah, I guess. But you know people are anxious about US elections although they know they can't do anything to change the outcome. Kinda similar case here
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    @ayushjn some of them are trying to change the result
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    If the interview wasn't about who gets to sit in front of that red button connected to the thermonuclear arsenal of an empire, you should not worry about it too much.

    Worst outcome of the interview: Nothing changes.

    Worst outcome of the USA election: Someone who really likes trolling Russia and/or China and has no interest in stopping the global terraform project wich is making earth a really hostile environment for humans in general gets (re)elected. Also there is no good outcome so the bad outcome is almost guaranteed to happen.
    So if you insist on worrying about something, at least choose a real possibly life-threatening thing - wich would also upgrade it from anxiety to realism...
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    See the documentary:

    Planet of the Humans

    Eye opening what the "green" movement is doing.
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    I think the interview itself should be more anxiety producing than the waiting for the results. I mean you did your part
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    Maybe the checking & not seeing anything is causing the anxiety
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    practice with someone else.

    just fucking do it

    fuck cant tell you the number of times I offered to act as the interviewer for people. I guess the always think its an empty gesture and upvote me as if that was the intent.

    never a soul takes up on the offer. like what if I were a secret recruiter...
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    Thanks, Moore makes exactly the right documentaries perfectly matching my cynicism.
    Almost satisfying to watch in a sado-masochistic way...

    But even better than watching documentaries about us making our own environment unhabitable for us, is playing a game about doing exactly that to the netives of another planet.
    In Factorio you can build the biggest mega factories of your dreams. Automate everything.
    Build a huge logistic network consisting of conveyor belts, pipes, railways, and even flying robots transporting everything to where it is needed.
    Defend your base against the natives who really hate pollution.
    Aquire natural resources and make then available to the factory.
    Keep the furnaces fired. Keep the factory growing.
    Play offline or online with up to hundreds of people (yes, literally hundreds) on the same map.

    Factorio got out of early access recently.
    Get your copy today and start polluting two planets instead of only one.
    It's fun!
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    They interviewed a grey alien:

    Interviewer: What kind of games does your species like to play?

    Grey: Civilization and Operation
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    So the greys also are just humand after all...
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    Followup to the documentary by Moore:

    I like the most, that when it comes to wind and solar he basically talks about the state of the art from the 90ies and early y2k in a documentary released 2020.
    Since then, Germany basically funded a full-blown solar revolution in China just by subsidies in their own little country. The guaranteed inflated prices for renewably generated energy grew the market for the technology and the Chineese became interested...
    So now we have super cheap and efficient solar cells assembled into pretty robust modules wich lose less than 20% of their output rating over thirty years.
    Wind turbines became bigger and better too...

    Making documentaries takes time. But it really feels like he is talking about the state of GPUs from the year 2000 in 2020 here.
    Clearly, he has absolutely no clue about what he is talking about. Regardless, the documentary is still well made and worth watching as a piece opf art.

    P.S.: Death to all comment size limits.
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    @Wisecrack because everybody fucking hates interviews! It’s hard enough to do them when you have to so it’s painful to sign up to do it as pretend regardless of the benefits of advice
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    @EDragon you have to let go of the results before you can get results.

    Then you'll have peace of mind.

    In my spare time I write fortune cookies.
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    The thing is some things(interviews in my case) are more important than others. While you can let go of less important things by distracting yourself, it is difficult to not think about an important one.

    At this point, I've lost the hope of getting the call but the good thing is I have another coding test tomorrow. If that turns out great, I'll have another reason to be anxious and would forget about the earlier one ;)
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    @ayushjn anxiety can also be a positive experience if it motivates improved performance.

    Go with the flow! Swimming is just *very inefficient drowning*!

    And sometimes, if you want to be good at it, you have to dive in first and drown yourself in the experience.

    I think thats what they call being 'immersed in your work'.
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    I've given myself to Youtube. Youtube's recommendations is what's driving me right now.
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