People: you should try PC gaming! It's super fun!!
Me: ok what runs on archlinux?

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    A shit ton.

    Here are ones that will run naively:

    Plus wine is your friend.
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    Got to try Linux
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    @psudo Do big games like Watch dogs, GTA V run well on wine?
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    @psudo Do you just install steam on linux? I'm confused by the SteamOS name. I'm thinking you have to install that OS which is built on linux. Please clarify.
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    I feed my now decade long DotA obsession on Manjaro, and I am transitioning my setup to Gentoo this month because memes 🙌
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    @aquaman ++ for Gentoo x)

    For gaming on Linux, well it can do for most stuff, depending on your setup.

    For big games, you might need wine staging (dx12 support, patches ).

    But generally, games designed for Windows runs better on Windows.
    Not that I'm advocating it, quite the opposite. :p
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    @jirehstudios steamos is a is built on top of linux, but there is also a linux version of the steam client
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    @jirehstudios Steam can be installed on most common distributions, although on some it may have problems.

    For example on elementaryOS neither Steam nor games from gog seem to run.
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    I still dont understand why dont you just dual boot a w10
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    @jirehstudios As @moars42 said, SteamOS is a flavor of Linux that runs steam and is targeted at media center pc's. The Stream client only officially targets a couple variations of Ubuntu with a narrow range of aging version numbers. That said I've successfully ran in on Arch, Gently can run it, and I'm sure the vast majority of others can, but you might have to do a bit of work.

    @lotd While the AAA titles that are essentially just console ports in general have piss poor support for Linux, a growing number of companies are supporting it. Probably the biggest name is 2K. They've ported over Civ, XCOM and Borderlands. Plus there is Valve and a whole slew of indie devs/publishers.
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    Dota2 runs perfectly fine on my Arch Linux, wm Awesome
    MBP 9.1 i5
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    @psudo yes. The hurdle from what I've been told from a friend, is to overcome the dx only games.
    If there is Atleast thought about opengl or better yet, Vulkan it's usually not *that* hard :)
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    @lotd Honestly I think we need to convince them that PC isn't second class to consoles before we can get most AAA companies to even think about Linux. I agree though. I know Valve released some benchmarks (before Vulcan) where opengl was something like 1000 faster, even on Windows.
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    Why restrict yourself to a single os when you can dual boot?
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