Is it just me, or are web chatbots actually really annoying and way too intrusive. It's like "omg look guys we have a ChatBot, we can do really cool technical stuff!" If a ChatBot can't ease my oversized heap of depression, I do not want to talk to it.

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    Chatbots are a bit like when they introduced animations in Powerpoint. People included them because they were there, not because it made sense. You see it all the time with "cool" features, I just couldn't think of a better example than Powerpoint animations right now! :P
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    I never had a chat or ever do anything for me but waste my time and connect me with a human who asks me for all the same info.

    Never ever has one been anything but an annoyance.
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    I recently had one tell me obviously wrong information and refuse from connecting to a human. Luckily I found a way.
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    Chat bots are a pain in the ass.
    I don't mind it if I'm the one that instantiates the bot, but when the fucker starts opening up, taking 50% of my screen and wants me to use it rather then the site I'm on, I'm out!
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    @F1973 let me call the cousins!

    Context: https://youtube.com/watch/...

    At least disable the auto launch shit!
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    @F1973 work, home, it's all the same this year 🤦‍♂️

    Hell, I'm in a meeting right now, that I could have probably skipped.
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