Did you know that the S in IoT stands for security?

The more you know ;)

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    The g in Linux stands for good 😂😂
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    @Stuxnet And the P in Windows stands for privacy ;)
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    @Stuxnet Oh, and before I forget it; the S in Windows and Microsoft stands for surveillance!
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    @linuxxx @Stuxnet Windows 10 S - now with more Surveillance
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    @linuxxx Ah yeah good ole "muh data reee!" That's the best fall back you can have
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    B in both python and php stands for Beauty! What an amazing coincidence!
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    Now take the M in Linux for Mailinglist which is the dumbest way of communication ever invented but for some unknown reasons still is the only way to contribute to the Linux kernel and the main reason for it dying a painful death.
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    The U in encryption stands for usability

    Just kidding, no need to argue
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    IoT = Inversion of Tontrol. Thank me later 😎
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    There is an S in "Internet of Things" but it's at the very end, so many developers think that should be the very last thing to be implemented.
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    @kiki python is ugly now? Oh wait...
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    My IoT runs on separate vlan (666) and the SSID is IoIS (Internet of Insecure Shit) 😅
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    @kiki you can't call php ugly
    though it's terrible at is own level
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    @cafecortado like we have in https
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    T in IoT stands for Things.

    .. maybe I'm not good at this
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