I quit abusive relationship. I quit smoking. I quit vaping salt nicotine, yes, the one that vape bloggers tell you is impossible to quit. I overcame opioid drugs addiction that developed when I recovered after a surgery back in 2015.

My last addiction is sugar. Yesterday night was the night when I ate about 100 grams of it in one take, feeling like I need more and more to take that hunger away. It felt EXACTLY like when I was hitting my 50mg vape literally every 20 seconds no matter the headache and dizziness.

I’m already insulin-resistant. After I’ve eaten all that sugar I felt really thirsty and then it hit me. I don’t want diabetes. I don’t want to inject myself. And I’m already insulin-resistant. It’s not me who crave sugar, it’s my internal animal and it only understands the language of pain and fear of death.

After I quit it, I’m officially a superhuman. Addicted to nothing but self-expression. That’s what I like, that’s who I naturally am.

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    if you want to get rid of sugar try keto diet
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    Replace it with aspartame and rigorously measure everything you eat and document macros. The intellectual side of your brain can override the impulse side if you allow it to.
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    @SortOfTested I think fear of death is a stronger motivator than cheats and replacements
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    You're confusing process with fad. Waiting until you're near death to get motivation is a great way to die.
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    One thing that helps me a lot is to make the drug less accessible and set the physical boundary - "NO I'm not going down that aisle in the store" or "NO I'm not going to the gas station to get snacks". But you got this bro!
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    Dunno if it'll help you but when I need to stop eating (I've also had issues with this previously), I brush my teeth with the mintiest toothpaste I can find.

    Seems to help.

    Good job being healthier, by the way. Boubas should follow your example.
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    ++ for Keto. It can be absolutely delicious, and encourages eating very well.

    Also, kale cheeseburger salads are probably the best salads, ever.
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    We give you our long-distance support
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    Eat pasta instead! I don’t understand these fad diets but pasta or rice fire and fill me up! You wouldn’t want sugar after eating a big bowl of ziti
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    @d-fanelli because both pasta and rice converts DIRECTLY to glucose inside your stomach.
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    FX [ Applauds willpower. ]
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    I used to put 3 sugars in my coffee so that’s way too much sugar considering I would go through av 6 cups a day. Now I use a couple of hermesetas, That was about 4 years ago. I smoked cigarettes and then cafe cremes for many years. I quit cold turkey over 2 years ago. That was the hardest thing I have ever done. Now due to lockdown I am drinking a bottle of wine every single day. I used to be alcohol free monday to friday. I am really struggling to quit and go back to my normal ways. Addiction is a gradual thing and is so hard to fight alone.
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    well done :)
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