That LOL feeling when incompetent backend wants you to fix their bug on the frontend!

How about NO!?

And why tf I know more about how backend works on this system than devs that are actually working on it???

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    wait until stakeholders actually TELL you to do that (because it's customer-impacting and fixing it in BE will take far too long) :)
    I'd like to see your smile then ;)
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    @netikras they already tried that. Fixing that bug for one customer will fuck it up for the rest of 500+ customers!

    so that's a NO with a reason!

    the other reason is that they are sending me wrong data in response, so yeah...
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    Not enough information to solve.
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    Maybe you forgot that you injected this bug when you worked on it last year?
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    @asgs i wasn't here last year and couldn't introduce it in the first place as all I did since I came to company was fixing old bugs and refactoring all the codebase. Whole team left, then they hired my team to work on shitty codebase without any documentation.

    No documentation for REST API either. Response object with 50+ fields, 4 are used, also vaguely named ie. "name" is boolean and nobody knows why, actual content is in field called "product" and actual product data is in field called "extended".

    Good luck with that!
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    @devJs need lots of luck
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