I should have known this job would be bad in my first week when they told me most of the classes are just copy-pastes of each other with different names

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    @heyheni I wish (one of the classes is 7000 lines long, I'm not even exaggerating)
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    This makes me sad 😢
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    Damn, that is such a let down
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    Take that monolith one method at a time and refactor the hell out of it!
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    Just try leave it better than before. I've seen some nightmare C# classes and you kinda feel like there's not much you can do without creating a mess for yourself but slowly you can! Either that or jump ship early haha
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    This is what we do, improve shitty code.

    In a few years, that awesome new solution that is perfect in every way, will be someone's pain to maintain.
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