So, I set up my computer after moving and settling in.

Turns out all the jostling killed the pump on my water cooler 🙁 It now sounds like an unmaintained soviet train at full speed, and starts burning up. Poor thing.

Guess it’s time to build a new one. Though parts aren’t exactly available right now...


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    I feel like three Soviet Union members are watching you.

    Was it an AIO? And how did you transport the pc? In the past, I’ve jut thrown my old PC in the back of my car and nothing ever happened. You must have been driving like a crazy girl.
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    This reminds me that I never owned an actual PC, I've always had laptops only since I was 8 years old
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    Why water cooling in the first place? A big Noctua twin tower handily beats AIOs, is more reliable, cheaper, and even more quiet.

    Also, it could be trapped air, especially because most people mount AIOs the wrong way - even manufacturer ads are often wrong.
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    Post a pic showing how you mounted it. (rutee is not allowed to reply to this)
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    @electrineer Maybe you can post a pic how you mount onto me
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    That sucks, buy a replacement cooler for now then build at your leisure

    @Fast-Nop what is the ideal way to mount the cooler?
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    @anolis for AIO's with the pump integrated in the block: the pump should never be the highest part of the loop, and preferably the tubes shouldn't either. https://youtu.be/BbGomv195sk
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    @anolis @electrineer Yeah, that's the video I had in mind, too!
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    s c a n d a l o u s
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    @Fast-Nop 2600k with a pretty ambitious overclock. Base clock speed reports as 5.9ghz, though I never did run any real benchmarks on it, just stress tests like primes and large compiles. I planned to run a benchmarking suite after the move for fun (and because of @SortOfTested) but now that the cooler is dead... no point. I’m not replacing the cooler on a ten year old cpu.

    @bagfox yes, aio cooler. The machine went on the moving truck (in bubble wrap) after I removed the drives to make sure they wouldn’t get lost. Guess the jostling was still too much for it.
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    Might not be the jostling alone.

    Temperature change, material fatigue and so on.

    During my last move I needed to throw away nearly 15 kg of stored goods (flour, sugar, rice, ...)

    They were all packed nicely in clear visible storage containers.

    What went wrong? Well. Temperature reached near zero ° C. The ride took nearly 2 hours, unpacking and so on took way too long. Flat was of course cozy and warm -.-

    It was enough time that condensate water "contaminated" some of the goods. Which wouldn't be totally bad... Just that I didn't unpack immediately... As there was more important stuff to do. Fast forward 3 days.

    Very small, nearly impossible to spot larvae everywhere in the containers. :(

    It was a complete joy getting rid of everything... Not.

    Food / pantry moths are a nightmare and I was really unsure how they got inside till I realized that it was the temperature drop and condensate.
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    @IntrusionCM We had pantry moths for years at the other house. They came in bird seed, and with birds around making a mess of bird seed and nuts... they are basically impossible to get rid of. The only real solution is the nuclear option of throwing out everything, scrubbing everything as thoroughly as possible, and venting your house to space. Or to the desert heat (or freezing cold) for at least a week and hoping that was enough. But if they simply hide in the e.g. the vents away from the exposed temperature extremes, they’ll survive just fine.

    If even two of them survive, you’ll have a thousand moths again in a month. Retarded as hell from inbreeding, but they still can and will infest everything.
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    @Root Yeah... Nightmare fuel.

    And yeah. I went nuclear.

    I guess the flat will never be as clean as on that day again.
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    Choo choo 🚂
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    If the cooler is also 10 years old, that's probably more than any manufacturer would expect any AIO to last. Maybe there was some gunk build-up that moved to another point of the loop thanks to the treatment.

    If you didn't already order parts for a new build, you could buy a new cooler that you plan to keep using in your next build, or a dirt cheap one.
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    @electrineer Or a Noctua twin tower. Beats an AIO in every way. See also https://youtube.com/watch/... (relevant table image at 8:51), and that was only a single tower.

    For myself, I'm with a Scythe Mugen 5, nearly as good for less money, but my APU has only 87W package power anyway.
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    @Fast-Nop While I like Noctua (every CPU cooler is a Noctua one)…

    That video was... Ugggghhhh.


    Not only is the test methodology pretty flawed, but 17 Mins Blender run, measurement and calling it done isn't testing at all...

    (I skipped through it... And was pretty disappointed, if I missed sth... Correct me)
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    @IntrusionCM How so? Once thermal saturation has been reached, it's a steady state.

    It's not even that surprising if you consider how vaporisation heat (like within heat pipe based air coolers) compares to thermal capacity within the same aggregate state.
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    (5.9 GHz sounds a bit unrealistic on AIO for 2600K. 4.9 GHz sounds more sane. World record for 2600K with extreme cooling is 6 GHz.)
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    @electrineer Definitely agreeing, but that’s what it reports the base clock speed as, and consistently. It was also quite speedy compared to stock, so 🤷🏻‍♀️ I never investigated further.

    I might replace the cooler, or I might just wait and build an entirely new machine when parts are available again. My last purchase was a Phenom II!
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    @Root Ohh, I've just replaced my 10 year old Phenom II this year! With a 3400G APU that isn't that much faster, but fast enough.

    Buying a new PC is a bit unfortunate right now because on the one side, AMD is cranking out new super-fast Ryzen 5000 shit like crazy, but it's sold out within hours (!) just because it's so good.

    You don't want to buy Intel right now because it's not competitive. However, AMD has allocated more factory capacity at TSMC for 2021, so there's hope for better supply.

    Oh, and avoid the Ryzen 5800X. It suffers from a bad bang/buck ratio as well as from difficult cooling. Either go low with the 5600X, or high with the 5900X.
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    @Fast-Nop Agreed. The 5800x just looks like a bad deal. I’m trying to buy the 5900x, but they keep popping in and out of existence.

    I figure that and a nice board with some AMD graphics card should last me another 5-10 years.
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    @Root I hear Ryzen Zen3 generation is really great for a new build. Not too appealing to upgrade from Zen2 if you got that just recently like me and my Ryzen 7 3700X.
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    @Root wait till next year. Corona and the political world situation plus the insane demand makes it just too hard.

    @Fast-Nop Not what I meant.

    I love testing shit. It's a pet peeve so to say.

    When I see a testing vid, I'll expect a full, detailed text with how they test and why.

    Seeing this reduced to a very short Yada Yada explanation and missing sources, total no go.

    Never trust a test source that doesn't give you full information so you can verify it yourself.
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    Air cooled build FTW. noctuah nh-d15 chromax with a good case like fractal meshify c or lian li lancool 2 mesh or 215. Max out the fans in the case and enjoy!
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