just received an email about a "hiring tournament", didn't know that was a thing... soo disgusting

"Hello John

How are things going in your career? Are you interested in remote work, at challenging projects in big companies such as Google, Pinterest, Udemy, eBay, and groundbreaking startups within a warm and continuous improvement environment?

BairesDev is holding an exciting hiring tournament, an online competition where you will fight against other developers for the chance to get hired and win incredible awards with the opportunity to be a part of great projects. We would love to see you there!

It will take place on Saturday, November 28th" (but the image says 12th 🤪🤪)

So you are "fighting" other developers for the chance to get hired, what the heck

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    Oh cool, I always love to be paid in exposure and a "chance" to get a job. Might as well go for the "chance" to win the lottery.
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    I feel like I could take a lot of devs in a fight....

    Not sure that is the best way to pick tho...
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    If we can use swords I am in.
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    See now I imagine mall ninja type participation might be kinda high in the coding area ... not sure I want to go that route.
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    @N00bPancakes I like to think of swords against coders as reverse engineering hardware or disassembly.
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    @Demolishun Let's see if you can reverse engineer a chunky metal keyboard.
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    Model M IN YO FACE!!!!
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    @deadlyRants Switches to car.
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    Don't even try! I repeat, DON'T EVEN TRY.
    These guys gave me 7-8 garbage tests (like English proficiency, basic logic which was grade 3 maths etc, MCQ on some programming language, etc) even before the first coding test. Then after the coding test of 1hour, they sent another proficiency test of 45 mins. I gave up after wasting 3 hours.
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    @sudo-compile I feel you mate. that company sucks at hiring and selection processes. Tried once, but they kept me subscribed to their shitty email list
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    it's nice how developers get so little respect that companies make their own dev-hunger-games with the victor getting hired, probably to barely make a livable wage
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    Shitty indian offshoring firm realizes labour arbitrage isn't as popular anymore, so tries to hire a few locals so they can pretend that 99% of the team aren't recent indian high grads.
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    I am not interested if there aren't also at least two lions and a retiarius involved.
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