Not at all dev related but I don’t have a social life so I share with you guys:)

I’ve been fat for all my life. You might say it’s my own fault blah blah but I quit sugar over 10 years ago, I don’t snack and eat 1-2 meals a day, not much more than others do.

The first time I was in good shape was when I was 16. I was growing, I started boxing and I was happy-ish with my body for the first time. I got down from 110kgs to ~87kgs, which is a good weight for me, I have heavy bones and wide shoulders I guess.
I insured my shoulder and couldn’t do boxing anymore but my weight was still pretty much stable. After working in the office for a few months I started gaining weight again, I think mainly due to the stress and lack of sleep.
In 2017 for the first time I hit a new high with 120kgs. I quit my terrible, stressful 24/7 job and relocated and got down to ~115 which I maintained for quite a while (still going to the gym and stuff).

And then the lockdown started..
I went up to >120 in no time.
(Sounds really bad but as mentioned, I’m heavy anyway so I’m not THAT obese, just fat.

Seeing my weight was really scary to me so I started a keto diet again, which I did before but with limited success.

Warning: Controversial topic coming up..

I took it a bit further and tried 0-carb (carnivore diet) instead of low carb and I lost 6kg within a month. Then the next plateau at 114, then at 112 etc.
Went more strict and removed seasoning and stuff and started eating more nutritious meat, liver, heart, tongue etc and my weight started dripping again.

Yesterday for the first time in ~a decade I got down to 105kg.
My end goal is 90, so I made it half way through.

Just really happy to have achieved this. The 1 good thing about lockdown I guess, I had so much time to be on my own.

Before you say eating no greens is bad, keep in mind that most not old people die because of obesity, not because of a lack of fiber.

It’s a big achievement for me and I hope that I can get to 90kg in another 3 months..

Story over

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    I didn’t insure my shoulder, I injured it..🀫
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    Can relate thx to health issues.

    But please - don't overdo it.

    Though I don't know you - I'm proud of you.

    I know how hard it is to get your ass up.

    I still need mine to get up. ;) :)
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    @IntrusionCM thanks:)

    Once I’m under 100 I’m planning to go keto again and especially introduce fruits again, but I think I’ll keep staying away from carbs. My own research made me aware of how shitty they are.

    If you have similar issues, I’m sure you can do it too:) you just need a wake up call (and the time to try 50 different ways). For me it was my weight hitting an all time high but I’m sure there’s other motivations.

    Good luck anyway:)
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    @just8littleBit yeah. I have nearly no muscle mass. Waiting for rona to end to finally get out again. Cardio is hard at home without place :(
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    @IntrusionCM yea it sure is.
    I’d try to tell you some rips&tricks but it would be hypocritical as they didn’t even work for meπŸ˜…
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    I'm not obese I'm just fat πŸ˜‚
    Tell that to my skinny ass!
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    This platform is really fun cus you get to meet people with problems to console your own problems. Here I am looking to add just 10kg for sometime now I've been eating heaven and earth with little to stable progress. I guess you are at the other side of the bar. Haha... fair well my friend 😌
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    You did a good job, man. That's a lot to lose. I also miss keto especially the bulletproof coffee.
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    If it's any consolation, quarantine fucked up everyone's eating regimen. I've gained stupid weight this year too - and I'm eating way less, it seems like.

    We're all in it together, and luckily it'll be over soon. Just have to focus on what you'll do after everything is done.

    Also no shame in "having no social life" as you put it. People are unbearable and finding unsuperficial friends that you can hang out with is a pain in the ass. As long as you're happy you really owe nothing else to anyone.

    Finally, congratulations :) Though as others have mentioned, just be safe about it.
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