I have an Android app suggestion:

A different alarm clock.
- wakes you up by increasing ring tone, from least to most, each step taking at least two seconds.
- you can give it a stream url (e.g. online radio or yt) and it uses that to wake you up.
- you give it an offline ringtone as well, in case the stream doesn't play.
- has repeated snooze. You hit the off button once and it goes to snooze. You hit it twice or trice and it is off. Otherwise, it rings again in 2-60 minutes. (User preference)
- is free. 😛

Shouldn't take long to make. I'd make it myself if I had the technical capabilities right now. Do link me if you make it or if you know of one already existing. (The existing ones I've found so far, I have issues with unnecessary permissions they ask mostly.)

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    But also, I’d do it right away if I didn’t have so much on my plate rn

    That being said, to anyone whose up for it: plz make cross platform
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    I have better.
    It’s integrated with stun gun and count down timer.
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    @vane I can't afford that 😒
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    @NoMad Christmas gift ideas 🤔🤭
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    @Elyz I'd be excited if I knew I could give anything in return... but am poor rn. Don't even have a proper laptop. So, maybe consider this gift more as a "long term investment". LOL.
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    Hmm, i would like to do it. I have free time. But the free version will have a my little pony theme song on Mondays.
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    @rooter well, the idea is free for all. Show me what you got.
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    @NoMad worst part is that I have to sing the theme song myself to avoid copyright issues 🤔 Tbh, I have to find a job first. Even worse, start on it 😂 I'm bankrupt soon, so don't don't count too much on my soft voice on Mondays yet 😂 But here, a pony: 🦄

    Edit: ever considered a Philips wakeup light? Always wanted to try one
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    @vane add the drowning countdown from Sonic 2 for maximum effect
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    @rooter "consider", yes; "bought", no. It's expensive. Plus, I'm moving away soon, can't buy unnecessary stuff.
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    I'm very confused that such an app does not already exist but it looks like a good beginner project for app development. I'll habe a look at it :)
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    well, it doesn't seem that my machine is up to that task. after a way to long setup it fails to run just the given example (says: "Package install error: Failure [INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_MANIFEST_MALFORMED]" but my patience for today is already used up).

    Maybe I come back once I get myself a laptop with hardware acceleration (fancy, I know)
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