Guys I work for myself and its great (love being my own boss) but after covid I decided to look for work for some company because financial stability is everything in this life

Last job I had, I quit because the boss asked me to make coffee sometimes. We had a good relationship but fuck that 'can you make me a coffee', go make yourself a coffee..

Please god give me patiece..

Pray for me 😅

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    I had a boss ask me that before.

    I said no and gave him a look like he had crossed a line. He was a little taken aback and never asked again.
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    What age do those people think they live in? The age of serfdom in rural Russia or something? How do you grow up as a functional human being without knowing that’s a rude thing to do?
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    Previously the company I worked for, we were so friendly, we had days assigned who to make coffee on which day. So, when it was my turn, I made coffee for everyone & I think, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Cause, I never knew that I could do something other than programming :/
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    well, knowing how to say a simple (constructive) NO goes a long way ;) Quitting your job to say a (destructive) NO -- not so much...

    BTW I recall folks at my work actually insisted on making me a coffee that one week (deadlines were closing in) :D While it might sound nice, it felt quite awkward.
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    What if in your new job someone will ask you to make a coffee for them? Will you resign too and find another job again?
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    Hehe, reminds me of my internship..as the only girl I was asked to make coffee..turkish coffee..I never in my life brew it myself cuz my stomack can't stand the residue..sooo...I think I made it too strong for most people..or it totally sucked, I dunno..anyways, they never asked again.. safety precations I guess.. 🤣🤣🤣😇
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    And here I am *asking* what coffee others want.

    Saying no to small pleasantries. Didn't realize it could be a powermove but apparently it is.

    "could you hold the door?"

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    You guys get a job
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    The startups I worked on had a pretty nice policy: if you go grab coffee and the jar is empty, you make coffee. As everyone needs coffee, the one noticing the scarcity of crude oil was pretty much random.
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    @Devnergy possibly
    I didn't quit only because of that, but it didn't help either
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    @F1973 yep.
    It was a government job.
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    @sladuled thats a good plan 👏👏🙃
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    @priandpasta Well I didn't plan to make it too strong, I was just clueless how to make it properly..
    But yeah, if you guys have problems with brewing coffee, intentionally brewing a bad one might get you off the hook.. xD
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