Women, software engineers make good boyfriends.


We're not scared of committing. We do it everyday at work. :P

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    I'm here to tell you the following:
    - That's an awful joke
    - Don't put both categories (i.e. rant and jokes)
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    Not such a good reason. Some women don't like you making committments elsewhere.
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    It is also possible to be committed to a psych ward.
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    Daily dose of cringe bullshit
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    Another pro - you'll be the funnier one.
    I didn't add it, got added by default.
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    @beefdead When making a post, you have the fucking button "joke/meme". USE IT.

    Then this shit would have been in the joke/meme category, and since I filter that because there are loads of such stupid and unfunny attempts at humour, it would not have annoyed me.

    The number of "software devs" who can't even get a simple multiple choice thing right is frightening.
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    "The number of "software devs" who can't even"

    I knew you were a valley girl! May have been taken out of context.
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    I see how a lot of devs get it wrong now, women only want you to commit once, not hundreds of times a year.

    #manWhores 🤷‍♂️
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    @C0D4 Everyday is a re-commitment.
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    @Demolishun I thought everyday was a "fuck, your still here"
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    @C0D4 Some days it is like that yes.
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    You know why girl devs make even better partners? They're not afraid of resetting your head with force. 😐😐

    Ref1: `git reset HEAD --hard`
    Ref2: `Off with his head! 👸`
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    Committing is one thing - but you have to push to actually make it matter...
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    @Fast-Nop "but but, that would require i should use my brain before i post, whats next do you also expect me to being able to open doors on my own?"
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    Don’t —force your commitment on me
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